Book vs. The Movie...

  1. SnibblesNBits
    What do you guys think of the movies? What were you happy about and what disappointed you? What parts do you wish were portrayed in the movies?
  2. hannah_arendt
    Unfortunately, the film dissapointed me. I hope that "Hobbit" won`t be worse.

    However, it seems to me that P. Jackson perhaps doesn`t understand the book. In my opinion, the film should be made in UK .

    What do you think about Aragorn in the film?
  3. bare-elf
    First of all I liked the books better than the movies. I mean all of the books not just the hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, Two Towers and Return of the King, but also the short stories that took place in the ages prior to when the hobbit happened, the unfinished works and the work on the elven language.
    Now the movies had some very good points from the point of view of the visual effects. I liked the fact that they used New Zealand as a location to film the movies. Now it should be noted that Christopher Tolkien, did travel extensively in the south pacific spending years in both New Zealand and Australia. I am sure he told his father about what he saw. That might be why the Tolkien family allowed the movie to be filmed there.
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