How do you enjoy your coffee?

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  1. anzki4
    Milk or no milk?
    Sugar or no?

    Personally I take one big cup of coffee, one piece of sugar and a little bit of milk.
  2. Jazz_
    I'm much more of a tea lover, but plenty of milk and a little sugar for coffee.
    (A bit of milk, but no sugar in tea)
  3. kingoflombards
    If it's good coffee, I like it black as hell. If it's crummy coffee, then pass the cream and sugar.
  4. AxLxExC
    ^ Indeed! Black as midnight for me.
  5. kingoflombards
    I just got addicted to hot tea. How long do you let the teabag sit in the tea before YOU drink it? (I let it cool for 30 minutes before I do.)
  6. de Renal
    de Renal
    Strong, black, no sugar, no milk! In large quantities, early in the morning, anytime during the day, even in the evening. And when my stomach starts aching, I'll have green tea
  7. rae709
    I'm more of a tea drinker, but when it comes to coffee, sometimes I'll drink it black. OPn other days, it has to taste like a candy bar.
  8. kingoflombards
    de Renal, HIGH FIVE!!!!

  9. Armel P
    Armel P
    I drink drip coffee or french pressed coffee strong and black and usually go for a light to medium roast.
  10. Three Sparrows
    Three Sparrows
    I like my coffee with plain creamer and one spoonful of sugar. Mmm...
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