I am at Home!

  1. Lote-Tree
    Whoever thought of this up...I understand you!!!

    Welcome me in :-)
  2. Maryd.
    You are welcome.
  3. wrc
    I love Shaggy Dog stories. I love the "put on." I love Street Theater (as long as no one gets hurt).

    Here's a put on I used to do:

    I went to Breakfast with different people. I always bought the daily newspaper. While we ate I would read the Horoscope of everyone at the table. But I wouldn't read the Sign they gave me but just pick one. Everyone was astonished how the explanation that day was so right. Following the meal I told them what I'd done. And I suggested they could expand their minds with any Dictionary. "Look up 'fact' and 'faith'. Most people enjoyed my little game. But some became angry. A joker can't please everyone.
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