Dog Lovers Not Anonymous

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  1. kiz_paws
    Hello and welcome from moi!

    If you have any pictures of your pet dog, please feel free to post here. I love to see pictures of people's pets!

    Cheers, and welcome!
  2. Virgil
    I have to join this one. By why anonymous? I'm proud to be a dog lover.
  3. kiz_paws
    Yay, thanks for joining, Virgil! About my title, ummmm, I was trying to be funny -- as in dog lovers NOT ANONYMOUS ... wonder if I can (should) change it -- I'd love to see any pet owner sign on and join us ...
  4. motherhubbard
    You know, I’ve not always been a dog person. I always had cats as a child. But I have this Great Pyrenees that is converting me. Pussnboots recommended a book and it’s helping me learn to be a dog owner. I decided that the first most important thing was to teach him not to jump up on people. He’s going to be a huge dog. So now when I put my hand out like a stop sign and say down he sits right down. I can’t believe we learned that! He’s a working dog which is a lot different than a house pet, but he is so great. I'll try to get a picture of him guarding the chickens and post it.
  5. pussnboots
    now this is one group I cannot pass up!!! Great idea Kiz!!
  6. sprinks
    I'll be sure to start up an album of the animals that live with me soon, and post pictures of Toffee here
  7. Sweets America
    Sweets America
    How could I NOT join this?
  8. kiz_paws
    M-H -- that is fantastic to know that things are going well for you and your dog. Yes, some dogs are indeed working dogs, while others (ahem ... see that fuzzy black fur at my ankle?) are diehard sweeties -- drive you crazy at times -- but a big part of family life.... [oh how I go on tangents...]

    Anyhow, there was a book that was recommended to me by a dog trainer, way back when, when we first welcomed Pepper into our life. She really was a handful, and tried to be the alpha in the pack. It was comical to a degree, this tiny ten or eleven week old schnauzer. But it was posing problems for us. We hired a trainer and the rest was history. For more information, here's the link: HOW TO BE YOUR DOG's BEST FRIEND. You won't be disappointed, honest!

    Anyone with pet issues, pet health stuff, and tips are certainly encouraged in this corner of LitNet!
  9. pussnboots
    took my dog to the vet yesterday for her shots. she is going to be boarded in 2 weeks since we are going away for 9 days. I feel guilty but the staff loves having her. Anyway, when she got weighed I was amazed to find out that she lost close to 10 lbs. we've been told she was overweight so I was happy to hear that she now weighs 93 lbs. she still has some to go but at least we are on the right track now.
  10. kiz_paws
    Hey that is great news, pussnboots! Does your vet do the Kennel Cough thing too? It is a strange procedure, a powder is puffed into the nose of the dog! When I went to the West Coast of Canada in early July, I deeply regretted not having the Kennel Cough treatment done on Pepper, and we boarded her at a 'doggy hotel' (Kennel). When we got back, I was so sure that she had this doggy cough, but it turned out that the little 'brat' had barked herself into a very hoarse throat, but nothing serious. I was lucky (but they weren't, for they had to listen to her bark for almost a week). **pulls out hair**
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