lack of love?

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  1. caddy_caddy
    Hi all,
    Do u think there is a relation between the lonliness and the lack of love?
  2. Maryd.
    Yes. Do you?
  3. Haunted
    no I don't
  4. caddy_caddy
    Maybe it is the lonliness of the heart . It needs another heart to embrace it with love and tendreness . When you find such a heart , no matter how far it is, you won't feel lonely any more though in solitude .
  5. Maryd.
    I believe we are on the same wavelength Caddy.
  6. caddy_caddy
    U know Maryd since my childhood my heart was lonely altough we are a big family . I knocked many doors but no one opened to me . This feeling grew up with me . I discovered that its roots are there , in my childhood ;I'm stuck there and cannot overcome it .
  7. Three Sparrows
    Three Sparrows
    I believe the heart you are searching for is the love of God, He alone can comfort when one feels alone. Please do not think I am trying to preach, I just feel so unhappy hearing these sad words, that I can't help but say what I feel. I am so sorry that you feel so lost.
  8. Paris
    Good question!

    Loneliness..I definately connected..not sure about its connection to 'lack' of love..but certainly to 'love' in general..however, you can be in love and lonely in the same way that u can be in a room full of people that u know and be lonely..or feel alone..I know people love me..but it doesnt stop me feeling lonely alot of the time..

    Alot can be accomplished during times of loneliness..its often seen as a negative thing but I think it can be a good opportunity to 'find yourself' to get in touch with how ur feeling about things and create ways to become social..or just sit and be with urself..
  9. Maryd.
    Hey caddy, I know where you are coming from. There are the families who do open their doors, but they can be typically rude and down right arrogant, with their... "You've always had such a big family... A family that loves you" lines. The guilt trip they put on you for your loneliness is pathetic. They really don't care, not really!
  10. wsww
    hi all of u ! Well i think no one can feel lonely if they r loved . Because I ve been so much a loner that for the first time i really fell in love i didnt feel at start but as time grew my days long for that one persons presence. Since that day my loniliness has reduced to large rate but never left me !
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