Does anyone play a musical instrument?

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  1. Heathcliff
    Okay then, there have to be more takers for this topic... I knoes you do...
    I play the French Horn. I'm in the school band. Story of my life.
  2. ShadowFire
    My sister plays the French Horn, beautiful instrument. Do vocal cords count?
  3. Chilly
    I play the trumpet! I'm first trumpet in the senior band. I can play the baritone too (and variations of either) but I can hardly play anything else.
  4. kingoflombards
    I play trombone, slide whistle, and kazoo! I know. Everyone is jealous of my skills!
  5. Heathcliff
    Wow ShadowFire. I'm the only one in my school of 1,600 students. I didn't think there would be anyone else. I guess it does count. My brother sings.
    And my brother is going to learn trumpet this year. I will, one day.
    One of my friends plays the trombone, he let me try. It is hard. I will learn that too.
    Ahh, we are all so talented.
  6. ShadowFire
    Well if vocal chords count then I am a singer and have been since 4th grade!!
  7. Heathcliff
    I'm learning trumpet at the same pace as my brother. Basically just demanding he shows me what he did in his lessons.
    You are a child prodigy then, Shadow. Eh, I suppose I'm a singer, only not an incredibly awesome one. I'm in school choir, if that's enough.
    My brother got the lead role Oliver in our school play.
  8. drakemortuare13
    After two years of playing a guitar, I didn't know a single note or chord! So, I gave up and stuck with writing. I may try to play a piano, though.
  9. ShadowFire
    Heatcliff - thank you so much. I think it is great that you sing in the school choir! Congrats to your brother for the role. Also I think it is great you are learning trumpet with him.

    drakemortuare13 - I love the piano. I can barely play anything. For three years I have been wanting lessons, but have not the time nor money. *sigh*
  10. Kay123
    I play the flute! I've been playing for 3 years in the school marching band
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