1. jakic.j

    The theme of Macbeth is a theme which I start with confidence that
    all readers and Shakespeare fans shall become interested inm it, for
    the character of Macbeth is a very strange one, and despite to its
    definite look, is is very complicated. Whoever is a fan of tragedies,
    can join this discussion.
  2. Lidasman
    It doesn't ring true to me that, although Macbeth is introduced as an extremely brave and effective warrior, his wife seems to ignore that and calls him a coward because he will not kill an old man in his sleep.
  3. Mhairi99
    Well Lady Macbeth is a very violent person and see's kindness as a weakness and something that you can have too much of, she also associates with spirits and darkness which means that what others see as virtuous aspects of character, she see's them as something that needs to be eradicated. So she is able to manipulate the weaker-willed Macbeth into Murdering Duncan.
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