The League of Honourable Old Geezers and Geezerettes

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  1. Virgil
    I'm definitely in. Great thought Sleepy. What's the min age to be allowed in our club.
  2. SleepyWitch
    chronological age doesn't matter as long as you feel like an old geezer
    ouch my back! ouch my root-canal!
  3. Virgil
    But I tend to feel younger than my age.
  4. PrinceMyshkin
    I'm in! And I could not have thought of anyone better suited to found and head this club!
  5. sprinks
    Yeah I know I'm only 15... almost 16... But I'm already constantly going "I remember when!..." Gee, I feel so old so most of the time!!
  6. SleepyWitch
    Welcome Prince and sprinks.
    Prince is such an old geezer, he still hasn't figured out how to upload an avatar
  7. sprinks
    Just today in the car I was talking to my mum about the days at school where a sausage roll and sauce was $2! And now its about $3! And so then my brother was like "Well does it count if I say that I remember when petrol was $1.20 a litre?" I argued that it wasn't good enough, because I remember when it was about 60c a litre!!
  8. barbara0207
    I'm quite sure this is the place for me.

    - My mobile is one that you can only phone with. No stop, it's got a nice alarm function which wakes me up every morning.
    - I never bother with manuals - I don't understand them anyway. I ask for help right away.
    - I am shocked, especially as a teacher.
    - Neil Diamond was a pain in the *** back then.
    - I have an originial 70s skirt but my size has somewhat upgraded itself since then.
  9. papayahed
    Finally a place away from those damn whippersnappers and their big pants.
  10. Lily Adams
    Lily Adams
    Oh, totally.

    I'm really 58 years old. Or I should be. Really. D:
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