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  1. Scheherazade
    We will be watching "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (chosen by Gilliat) on May 14th.

    Please let us know whether you can join us.


    Time remaining:

  2. Janine
    Sat night? That might work out if I can get a copy. We are having construction set up this Friday but I still don't know when they will actually do the work. I have a portable player even if I can't get to my TV upstair. Will be holding up downstairs in a small bedroom. This is why I have not been posting much lately. I am super busy wrapping up breakables, etc.
  3. papayahed
    how fun! I will try to be there.
  4. Janine
    My library has it of today; so it should be a go. I am not sure if I ever saw it. Should be interesting...two great stars. Good choice, Gillatt. Oh no, I just thought of something. That is my granddaughter's 3rd birthday...next day is her actual party; but they asked me to mind her that night after ice-cream and cake. I will have to watch the movie Friday night, if all of you do not object.
  5. Janine
    Another thought, while she is sleeping I can watch the movie up there on my portable player...that is if the little miss will go to bed.
  6. Gilliatt Gurgle
    Gilliatt Gurgle
    BTW- "DailyMotion" videos has the movie in 8 parts. There are so many Liz Taylor movies to choose from. I chose this one since the run time isn't as long as say "Giant" or "Cleopatra" and besides it features Burl Ives !!! - who needs Paul Newman?
  7. Janine
    Gilliatt, I saw "Giant" before and it's great. It is long as you said. So you prefer Burl over Paul...hahah...he was pretty cool.
  8. Scheherazade
    Do you need to pay at DailyMotion?

    I am still waiting for mine to arrive :-/
  9. OrphanPip
    Dailymotion is free, it's like youtube.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'll be able to be home in time.

  10. Gilliatt Gurgle
    Gilliatt Gurgle
    arrrgghh...The missus just decided she wants to out for dinner.
    Sorry for bailing on you, although we will be heading out somewhat early ( 5ish here) so I plan to watch it once we get back.
    In fact I may be on as you get toward the end.

    Sorry again.
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