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A Ramble through Smilie Land

Im alive! and Endless poetry in action

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Which is obvious by now so I just thought I would post some poetry stuff because hey its here and I know there is a person or two out there who (other than me ) generally gets a kick out of looking at the maddness Aims and I cook up during an EPN so here goes.

EPN is Here
Come out come out
And play with me
We will show them
How its done!

The sun the sun will never go down
And we have just begun!
Let time stand still
Let today go on
EPN night is here
And boredom is on the run!

Let's Get Excited
Crown me king for the day
Crown me Queen for the month
Ill be happy for an hour or so

Ill eat jam pies
And colour the skies
Purple, orange and blue
With my magical tutu!

No Iím not delusion
Just a little unusual
But I think thatís alright
When today is tonight!

Morning Rituals
Turn on the bright lights
Ring out your smile
The world is beginning to wake
Nod your head and brush your teeth
Tap your feet and crack your knee
The day has just begun
Sing a song
play a long
Relax before you run
The hamsterís wheel will
Turn and turn
And crush you
Beneath its thumb
So we breath (and
Maybe sneeze)
to get us through alive.
All the roses smell
And the fairies yell
ďlisten up this isnít hell!Ē
A smile and a giggle
Maybe a wiggle or two?
Bring the house down
Take a bow.

Then when you have finished
Your morning laughing ritual
The wheel is there waiting for you!

Who I am
I am as modest as
A beauty queen
As calm as a
Storm .
Im as dangerous
As a willow tree
As deadly as a
But mostly
I am as
Me as I
Can be
And that about all!

Queen of the Castle (it's better than the hill)
Oh no the king has run away
And given me his castle for the day
Should I be good or should I play?
The sheep could line the staircase
We could have an ice rink in the hall
We could candyfloss the ceiling
We could changes all the locks
Oh dear the king is gone
And never again will be seen
Oh no the king is gone
And long live the queen!

The Sock Goblin

There is a sock goblin in my house
And heís a gobbliní up my clothes
If it was just socks it would be one thing
But now hes taken fancy to my toes!

Confused Yet?
The best thing about having a friend
Is hat they donít mind if youre round the bend
They are often rather potty too
Esically if they have taken up with you
Youll have to excuse me when I say
You is I and I is you
See for the purposes
of me rhythm
Switching pronouns
It is a given .
So You will be me
and I will be you
now we are confused
how do you do?

IN my shoes
Come walk with me
Ill change your life
Or at least affect your day.

You stop and talk but come and see
The world I know to be
Its not all bad,
Nor all sad
Nor yet all
Ha ha hee hee
But sometimes a smile
( and bright coloured socks)
Are all you really need!

Once upon a time I was grounded
But then I saw a fly
And thought how come he can and not I
So I built a giant balloon
And filled it all with lead
Jumped off a cliff
And now I am well and truly dead
Yet I dance among the clouds
So really who is laughing now?


  1. AimusSage's Avatar
    EPN! always good! Alwasy nice, always creative, always crazy!
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    You're alive!! Nice to see you back Nighty.
  3. Nightshade's Avatar
    Thanks virgilitis always nice to beback!