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Foxtrot's Theories

One day.

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A silent question,
a smiling face.
Clasping hands,
amazing grace.

Sun on our faces,
pink lemonade.
We tiptoe down,
the seronade.

Curiousity to ask,
we slowly learn.
Each life story,
unravelled in turn.

Think it happened,
here to stay.
Though we realise,
it was only one day.


  1. Heathcliff's Avatar
    My writer's block is cured.
    I wrote this during humanities, learning about the colonisation ( love that word) and set up of a penal ( like the word pee...) colony in Australia.
    I suppose this is a smaller one, but a good start.
  2. Maximilianus's Avatar
    Ah, right to the point. Brief, yet sharp. Sounds exquisite
  3. Heathcliff's Avatar
    Hehe. Likey how I said that I was talking to this kid then people though we were boyfriend and girlfriend. So we hung out together for a day and realised that all those other kids are twits. Yer going out. From one end of the playground to the other. Waste of time. But we found this box of awesome old clothes in the M block. Only advantage. And everyone had a field day with it. It was funny.
  4. Maximilianus's Avatar