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The Eaglet

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The little eagle in her nest
does wish to spread her wings
The lofty height of baskets made
the abode from which she sings

The first flight a scary trip
the maiden voyage made
the greatest journey that one takes
from memory never fade

So eager to jump from the safe
into the unknown sky
to fly with buzzards, ravens, crows,
to see things from so high

The eaglet lifts up from the pad
to meet with gravity
soon to see that the flight
meets with depravity.

But there will be another day
for your wings to open wide
to soar with others much you size
to explore the countryside.



  1. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Very nice Bien... I love it.
  2. stephofthenight's Avatar
    beautiful and releasing; a poem of freedom... I love it
  3. Maximilianus's Avatar
    A heavenly poem