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Another Journey Across the Sky

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Each night as the ball retires
Into the sea of waves
The boiling cauldron it becomes
Another world it paves

Without its guidance way up there
There needs to be another
Not as big or illuminating
But maybe a little brother

The lunar friend that we have
Bears many different faces
Some nights it is a smile alone
Without light for some dark places

Some say that he is made of cheese
Then others make reference to a man
You can lay below on beaches so
But you will never get a tan

As this one travels in the path
Effects are great and small
The tides are up and down by him
And he changes the moods of all

From east to west he does abound
Making romantic walks each night
But sometimes his sense of humor
Sends people full of fright

We all will share this sibling so
Ev'n though hidden he may be
He is the our guidance by the night
So in the dark we all may see


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    Nice; I think I like the first stanza best.
  2. Heathcliff's Avatar
    Ah, Bien. A marvel, yet again.