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On the Other Side of the World

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It's funny what a powerful effect choices, and events can have on our lives. It makes me wonder how I came to be here, what specific events led me here..

Our life paths must be so intricate and convoluted with the constant cris-crossing of other people's paths across our own. It makes me dizzy to think of it, I feel tiny, yet huge and significant at the same time. Life didn't pick this for me. I made it happen... It makes you think what else is possible, doesn't it?

Now, as to my whereabouts: I'm in Colorado, visiting a good friend I just wish time wasn't going by so fast

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  1. The Comedian's Avatar
    "It's funny what a powerful effect choices, and events can have on our lives" -- beautiful sentiment Carly. I was just thinking something similar to this the other day.

    Enjoy Colorado; it's a beautiful place. I grew up in a state just to the north of there, as the base of the mountains.
  2. Scheherazade's Avatar
    I'm in Colorado, visiting a good friend
    Anyone we know by any chance?

    Enjoy every minute of your trip and let us know how you are doing!
  3. skib's Avatar
    I told dufus to tell you hi about an hour ago but I'll say it on here too.
    Hi! Have fun up there!
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    One always has the power to change one's life. There is never a guarentee it will work out, but one can make all sorts of remarkable changes.

    Welcome to the US. That part of the country is gorgeous, as I'm sure you're finding out. I'm also sure you're in shock over the cold. Have a great time.
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  5. qimissung's Avatar
    "tiny, yet huge and significant..." lovely way to put the dizzying array of choices that is laid before us each day. I hope you are enjoying the fruits of yours. And welcome to the states, mate!
  6. Nax's Avatar
    I personally don't believe in cooincidence. I think life is like an incredibly intricate path with hundreds of millions of routes, the decisions you make will take you off some routes, back on others, crossing old routes, blazing ahead, back tracking etc until eventually you reach the end of whichever path u have chosen overall.

    I personally can relate, seeing as one particular decision brought my father from Canada to Australia, literally as far away as you can get from Canada on the planet (go look at a globe) This particular path has billions of outcomes for me, but if I make one single choice and say move back to Canada, suddenly billions of paths are closed to me, and billions of new ones opened, its amazing really.
  7. IJustMadeThatUp's Avatar
    Comedian: I started thinking about it after it hit me the other day. I sat there dazed for a while, thinking "How on Earth did this happen?!?"
    Also, you're right, Colorado is beautiful.

    Scheherazade: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe...

    Skib: Thanks Ben

    Virgil: It gives one a bit of a dizzying sense of power, doesn't it
    The cold was a VERY rude shock! We were having a bit of a hot spell at home. Although, I was quite chuffed when it snowed and some hit me in the eye.

    qimissung: Thank you I am enjoying myself very much.

    Nax: So true. It's pretty mindblowing that one decision can make irreversible changes and open up a whole new bundle of choices.