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Living Breathing Contradiction...

Pieces to the puzzle

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a 100 question survey all about me Enjoy, and if you fill like killing 5 minutes, take it yourself

~*100 questions about me*~
by gdluvnchick

~Basic Info~

Name:: Stephanie Anne Mechille Granger
Age:: 17
Sex:: Female
Height:: 5'2
Hair Color:: blonde/red
Eye Color:: brownish/gold
Body Type:: 2 legs, 2 arms a head and torso...
Religion:: Struggling Christian
Ethnicity:: White
Orientation:: Bisexual
Status:: Single, but In Love


Color?: Blue
Hair Style?: Curls
Food?: Candy
Soda?: DcPepper
Alchoholic Beverage?: Sex on the Beach
Store?: Just a dollar
Mall?: Strip malls
State?: Texas
City?: Dallas
Animal?: Horse
Movie?: The Trouble with Angels
TV Show?: Monk
Book?: Night World
Music?: all
Song?: according to you
Band/Artist?: orianthi
Website?: Litnet

~This or That~

Soda or Juice?: Juice
Music or Internet?: JERK! internet, there is music online
Rock or Rap?: rock
Dogs or Cats?: cats
White or Black?: black
Myspace or Bebo?: myspace
Cell Phone or I-pod?: iphone
Curly Hair or Straight Hair?: curly
Lap-Top or Computer?: lap top
Corded Phone or Cordless?: cordless?
Mountain Dew or Pepsi?: pepsi
Pen or Pencil?: pen
MP3 Player or I-pod?: ipod
Phone or Internet?: phone, internet is on the phone
Single or Taken?: single
School or Work?: school


What do you do on your spare time?: litnet
What do you wish you had more time for?: sleep
Whats your usual clothing style?: pjs
Whats your usual hair style?: in a clipy
What are you wearing?: pjs
Are you single or taken?: single but taken
If taken, by who?: someone stunningly amazing
Who would you die for?: Tayler
Are you a virgin?: no
What do you think of one night stands?: been there-done that, pretty boring
Whos your best friend?: Moondance Cherokee GaLee
How long have you been friends?: since I got him
How did you and your best friend meet?: on a farm
Do you have any pets?: uhhh. about that. yeah
If yes, how many?: was just praying you wouldnt ask that...
Do you plan on getting married?: yes
Do you plan on having kids?: yes
If so, how many?: as many as god gives me
How old did you wish you were?: do you wish you were, and 25
If you were to be anywhere right now, where would you be?: Argentina
Why?: cause I could be with someone
Ever gone Camping?: no
Have you ever caught a fish and ate it?: ew

Have you ever gone water skiing?: yes
Have you ever gone water tubing?: yes
Have you ever gone skiing on a mountain?: yes
Have you ever gone tubing on a mountain?: yes
Have you ever gone Snowboarding?: yes
Ever gone to church?: yes
Ever gone to a famous water park?: yes
Ever gone out of State?: yes
Ever gone out of the country?: yes
When was the last time you left town?: today
Anything you got planned for this weekend?: yes
If so, what?: taylers bday party
Is this survey curing your bordom?: no
Do you resemble anyone famous?: uh, i use to get avril lavine
Are you related to anyone famous?: yes
If so, who?: america farera
Do you think your hott?: no
Do other people think your hott?: idk
Do you think your skinny?: no
Or do you think your fat?: not exactly
Or just in between fat and skinny?: yeah, chunky
What year were you born in?: 1992
Ever been on a blind date?: no
What do you enjoy doing when your bored?: riding horses
What do you do in the summer time?: sleep
Are you naturally tanned?: no
Or are you kinda pale?: kinda?
Do you live in a house?: yes
Or do you live in a apartment?: no
What do you have on your mind?: why im doing this
What time is it?: 6:18

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  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    Interesting---to say the obvious. Your honesty is refreshing. Hope things are working out for you--have been wondering.
  2. stephofthenight's Avatar
    they are doing better rich, ive decided my world is sunshine and daises and ill be damned if something will ruin the happiness i have. i have lived a miserable life for a really long time and im done with that. I will be happy no matter what.
  3. JuniperWoolf's Avatar
    Cool, I love surveys! They're a great way to get to know people. I had no idea that you were a bisexual, and you should give fishing a chance! It's relaxing, and everything tastes better when you cook it over an open fire and eat it in the woods.
    Updated 01-27-2010 at 09:25 PM by JuniperWoolf
  4. DanielBenoit's Avatar
    Oh I love these things, they are so informative, lol. I didn't know you were bi, so am I!
  5. stephofthenight's Avatar
    juniper, I love fishing to a degree, but there are two major draw backs.

    A.) I cant put a hook in a worm god that would hurt
    B.) I put a hook through my lip, and pulled it out and that **** hurts. i cant do it. i would just cut the string and leave the hook but that is no kinder...

    as far as eating it. im allergic to fish lol.

    Daniel reallyy, thats supring...and well nevermind
  6. Maximilianus's Avatar
    #1. Nice to know what I didn't know, and to confirm what I already suspected

    #2. Avril Lavigne has no sustainable case against you
  7. stephofthenight's Avatar
    haha max ill have to post some ooooold photos. of her and me. it was face structure, style, hair, and the way i acted lol. but thank you
  8. Maximilianus's Avatar
    I insist on my point.... please?
  9. qimissung's Avatar
    Hey, just found this. I had seen you were from Texas, but I didn't know you lived in Dallas. I live in Dallas, neighbor! Do you mind if I ask about where in Dallas you live?
  10. Maximilianus's Avatar
    Stephanie lives in Hallsville. Sorry for my intrusion I just felt like meddling between 2 people's conversation