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Teaching Again

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So, as much as I was sure that I wouldn't be teaching again any time soon, I am a pushover. When the school called me begging me back, I gave in and returned, with a few conditions:

-I refuse to work full time.
-I will not turn in lesson plans for teaching yearbook.
-I only teach 12th grade English (which I already have lesson plans for).

I like the set up. I'm technically a "substitute" teacher who isn't on a if the administration starts to demand too much of me, I can just say "no." If they don't like it, I can leave, and I won't be breaking any contracts...not that I think I would ever actually leave like that (I love the kids too much to abandon them, I would wait until the end of the year), knowing that the opportunity is there is very comforting. And, hopefully, it will keep the administration from throwing projects on me like they did last year.

I walk two miles to my mother's house every morning, work out with her on Wii Active for an hour or so, then shower, iron, and she gives me a ride to school by lunchtime. I leave at the end of the school day, find a ride home (I sold my car before leaving for Puerto Rico, but might have a new-used one soon), and then maybe write a few articles for if I feel like it.

Before, I was writing articles every day and just paying the bills that way. Now that I get paid weekly for "subbing," I feel less inclined to. What I really need to do, though, is get my creative juices flowing and start writing some short stories again. I miss that.

In any case, I am momentarily back once again. Good to see y'all!


  1. Scheherazade's Avatar
    Nice to have you back, Shan
  2. JuniperWoolf's Avatar
    Nice to meet you, man. Sounds like an interesting life you have there.
    Updated 01-20-2010 at 02:46 AM by JuniperWoolf
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Good luck on getting the creative juices going, but it sounds like you got it pretty comfortable right now. I wish I could dictate which parts of work I want to do. Good to see you Shan.
  4. mtpspur's Avatar
    And a hearty welcome back from me as well. I like the fact the kids mean enough to oyu that oyu would stick it out for them. Good show.
  5. Niamh's Avatar
    good to see you Shan!
  6. Shannanigan's Avatar
    Thanks all It's good to be back; it always feels good to come around and see the mix of familiar and new faces(/avatars) hehe. See y'all around!