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Away with the Fairies- The Travel Diary of an Irish WebFairy

Back online!

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Hey everyone! have you missed me?
teh last six weeks have been very very stressful for me. My wonderful laptop more or less kicked the bucket at the beginning of December and after six weeks of trying to get her fixed, i had to buy a new one. My new laptop is nice but its just not my old one!
So much has gone on since i was last properly online. My Uncle Bernard who has lived in Vancouver for over 40 years came to stay. It was his first time in Ireland in 18 years! He was a great laugh and i got along with him very well. we took a trip down to St Anne's park to go photographing together (he has an amazing camera!!!) but it pissed raining and we ended up spending two hours sitting in a cafe drinking tea and coffee before heading home.
The occasion for his visit was a pleasant one. I think i mentioned in my last blog that my Aunt (dad's sister) was given a few weeks to live. Bernard came over for almost three weeks to see her before she died and we all expected her to pass when he was here. She died a week after he left and we buried her on Christmas Eve. Cancer is a horrible horrible illness.
Obviously from this info you can tell that christmas wasnt exactly a joyous time for my family. My Mams sisters husband was taken into hospital on christmas day with a heart attack... my uncle Bernard who visited has lung cancer...I've seen so much of death and sickness over the last two months i dont know how i havent been put on anti depressants... (thankfully my dr is on maternity leave or she probably would have! ... not that i'd have taken them or anything.)
2010 didnt start off very well either. Lot of rubbish going on in work that has been getting to me. But every cloud has a silver lining so good times are on the way!
College has been going well. Been very stressful over the last six weeks with the lack of a compter. I'm, exhausted from all the running back and forth from my mams and where i'm living... trying to squeeze study time into any spare chance i had.
Results have been great so far! TMA01 i got 79%, TMA02 i got 82% and TMA03 (results received yesterday!) i got 81%. go me! Next assignment is on Ireland so hopefully i'll do well in this one too! I'm enjoying the course but i'm finding it somewhat stressful at the moment... and some of the chapters have been snoozefests.
Other news... I'm off to Canada on Saturday to see Drew (aka Kilted) I cant wait! I've been counting down to this holiday (literally) since september and i cant believe its almost here! Nine days in Canada (and two weeks in total off work. Priceless!). Its gonna be fun! Half my bag is filled with thermal gear. still trying to fit clothes into it and i'll have to lug all my college stuff with me because my TMA04 is due the week i get back.
Anyway! Enough of my ranting! Newsletter will be done on wednesday before i head to see we will rock you.
did i mention its great to be back!!!!!!



  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Yay! I missed you.

    Oh God, sounds like a horrible Christmas. My sympathies Niamh.

    I didn't remember you going to college. Good for you. Anything in particular you're taking up?

    Have a great time in Canada.

    Glad you're back.
  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    Had wondered about you but then I remembered Kilted and assumed romanatic things and went back to Logos watching. Am sorry things have been tough for you. Hang in there.
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  3. qimissung's Avatar
    We want Christmas to be happy and joyous, and when it is so much less so, it is really really difficult. I'm sure, though, the three weeks you guys had with your aunt before she died and with your uncle who visited, and with the rest of your family was warm and loving.

    Glad your back with a new computer; it's awful to be without one!

    Have a blast in Canada (I'm sure you will) and stay warm ()!
  4. Scheherazade's Avatar
    Very sorry to hear about your losses and the trying times you and your family have been going through, Niamh, but hopefully that is all behind you now:

    - A new laptop
    - A visit to Canada to see Kilted
    - Excellent grades

    Have a grand time in Canada and don't forget to come back to us!
  5. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Hey Niamh, don't look back, enjoy Canada. Have fun and safe travels.
  6. JuniperWoolf's Avatar
    Welcome back Niamh! It's been a pretty bad year for most of the people that I know, but the universe has a tendancy to balance itself out. Have a lot of fun in Canada, the east coast is wickedn (chilly though... pack mittens).
  7. AimusSage's Avatar
    Good to be back eh Niamh? I've missed this place belief it or not, and I'm probably going to disappear again for ages after tonight... Oh what real life can do to a human!

    Canada is awesome! say Hi to the country for me
  8. Niamh's Avatar
    Its great to be able to pop back on here!!
    Dont worry Scher! I'll be back! (unfortunately! )
    I have a lovely pair of mittens, and hat and scaft for Canada to keep myself warm. I'm still trying to stick clothes into my bag... not working. Have toiletries, hairstraightner and hair dryer still to go in too!
    Virgil i missed you too. i missed all of you! Like half my life was missing. its amazing how this place becomes so real in ones life!
  9. NickAdams's Avatar
    It's good to have you back; you're one of the staples of Lit-Net.
  10. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Welcome back!
  11. Niamh's Avatar