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This probly isn't that momentous an occasion that it deserves a blog all for itself, but oh well. It made my morning.

I got up with plenty of time to do a little workout. I diddled around drinking my coffee, which is usually the highlight of my day until cocktail hour. Anyway, I started my workout a little later than I wanted, but I finished anyway. I bounced around the house between making my lunch, getting somewhat dressed and taking a power shower, thinking I would be hard pressed to get out the door on time. I slammed down a pound and a half of hash browns, eggs and deer sausage so fast I made myself a little sick. As hard as I am not working these days, I just can't do that so much any more. So, I cranked up the stereo to my favorite band Shinedown and lay on the floor, resisting my urge to spew a perfectly good breakfast. I was falling asleep, and my two favorite songs on the CD came on one after the other- What a Shame, a song about the lead singers late uncle, and The Crow and the Butterfly, a song that is basically meant to be interpreted however. In my dazed, overflowing state I dissolved myself in the music- an overpowering (in a good way) bassline reverberating from the floor into my body, with the soul-refreshing background of the melody/harmonies, and in my stupor I thought This is how this music is supposed to be. I got so involved in the simple yet so powerful experience, I forgot where I was and what I was supposed to be doing. That is how I like my music- lived. I live for the experience of having it overwhelm my senses and draw me in, to feel it vibrating my entire skeleton and block everything else out.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Nice experience, and you really captured it.
  2. applepie's Avatar
    Sounds like a lovely way to spend the morning. Music does that from time to time and you are right, that is exactly how music should be. It should touch some part of us:)
  3. JuniperWoolf's Avatar
    Man, I wish music could touch me like that. I had a buddy who was a music major (he played the bassoon!) and hearing him talk about how music touched his soul always made me a little jealous.

    Also, way to eat deer sausage. There's nothing like eating an animal that you kill yourself.
  4. The Comedian's Avatar
    Enjoyable blog skib. . . .Bruce Springsteen used to affect me like that: there's something about combination of music, speed, and the rev of an engine that harmonizes the soul with the thrill of the moment.
  5. AimusSage's Avatar
    Just reading this made me aware of the music quietly dissolving from my headphones, into my mind and making the world seem just a little nicer.
  6. skib's Avatar
    Thank you all for reading! Music is one of those things I think I would die without. Besides writing, it drains emotions when needed, or it amplifies them when necessary.
    And yes, Juniper! Hunting is truly providing. I don't think I've got any blogs about that yet. Hmm. I've got to get around to that! Bassoon. That's a tough one to learn! Good for him!
    I think everyone can be touched by music. It is just a matter of finding the right moment, whether it be playing or listening.