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Proving my indecisiveness... Or am I?

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I've decided I'm never going to get that elusive degree, well, I'm at least well on my way to not getting my degree. After deciding for some reason or other that I would withdraw from all of my units last semester and then failing to submit my 'transfer to another degree' form, this semester I am doing:
  • Intro to Literature
  • Intro to Environmental Science
  • Intro to Information Technology

I will not finish the English degree. I thought hard about it, I did really well in my high school English classes because I listened to the teachers, and regurgitated exactly what they wanted hear. The examiners wanted to hear the same things, because they gave me good scores on my essays.
To be honest, I just read because I like the stories. I think I'm going to stick to that. I feel kind of shallow and inferior when people talk about novels in depth, I can never think of things to add to the conversation. This gets embarrassing because everyone knows I'm a big reader, my book reviews consist of "Er, it was good. This character was funny, but I hated that character."

Environmental Science is what I'm meant to be changing to. I thought before I filled out all the paperwork, I'll see if I like the intro unit at least. We'll see how long this aim lasts, until I change to something else *sigh* I keep seeing adverts for Ranger and Zoo Keeper jobs, and I know that's what I want to do. I want it so badly. I can delude myself every now and again that I'm not a big kid that just wants to play with animals/hang out in the bush, but I always realise I'm kidding myself.

I'm doing the computer unit for two reasons:
1. It was recommended for the Env Sc degree.
2. I want to learn how to do exploding pie charts/graphs in Excel. Then, instead of filling up my personal disk drive at work with Napoleon Dynamite pictures from the posters I make for my workmates, I can fill it up with exploding pie charts/graphs for my friends.

I have a few plans for this year:
  • Win Lotto
  • Buy a car that I don't want to pay for
  • Buy a house I don't want to pay for and that I can'tget a loan for because it is impossible for a single person to buy a house unless you earn a gazillion dollars a year or live in a shoe box and spend all your pay on baked beans, dogfood (for my dog!!) and your mortgage. I'm realising it really is a couples world.
  • Buy an investment property with money the bank won't lend me while I continue to live with my parents.
  • Have a mental breakdown because life seems so very daunting sometimes.

Sorry, you didn't have to read this. It was kind of me organising my thoughts... In a public place...

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  1. applepie's Avatar
    Life is always daunting, at least if you're doing it right. I only worry when things start to seem easy, it normally means I dropped the ball somewhere:lol: Good luck figuring it all out. You'll get there.
  2. Maryd.'s Avatar
    I love the way you think girl. I would like to chip in and buy the lotto ticket with you.
  3. skib's Avatar
    Hey, could I add my name to the list of people to make pie charts for? In my professional opinion, this sounds like you have a life and I have nothing more intelligent to say about it than that. I'm sure you'll figure it out, though! You could always try a move like whatsherbucket in that one movie. It's Julia Roberts and that one guy and she marries him so she won't get deported. I don't remember the name of it now.
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    Best of luck IJMTU. Sounds like you are making some practical decisions.
  5. qimissung's Avatar
    I can never think of things to add either!

    I think you will enjoy working with animals a lot. That seems like a natural for you.
  6. IJustMadeThatUp's Avatar
    mkhockenberry, Mary and Virgil - Thanks for for the kind words and encouragement I really appreciate it.

    Skib - I have no idea which movie you're talking about

    qimissung - You mean I'm not the only one!? Thank goodness! I think my biggest problem is I'm not a particularly quick thinker. And yes I love them furry little critters!
  7. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    I am with you on the goal list for 2010 haha. I'm so glad to hear that you are going to go with what you WANT to do and not push yourself into something you don't really enjoy, but that seems more... I don't know, professional? I know exactly how you feel about that, because I sometimes think I should get off my butt and do something that contributes to the world in a positive way, but I love my ponies too much