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The Call

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A man stands alone in the mist.

"I can barely see. Where am I?"

"You're ready..." A faint voice whispered.

"What?" he responded.

Confuse and blinded, he frantically looked around.

Again, the voice came "It's time..."

Standing still, with hesitation in his voice, he said "I...I'm not..."

"It's time." The voice interrupted.

Now, shaking and staring at the ground, he was silent.

Then, from within the mist, a figure slowly appears. With his eyes moistening, he slowly looks up towards the figure approaching him.

"It's okay." she said and with reassurance, added "Don't be afraid."

With her arm reaching out "It's time...It's time to move on...Together"

Now, with tears rolling down his cheeks, walked towards her.

With a smile on his face, the mist begins to clear.

~Andy V. Khamsa


  1. stephofthenight's Avatar
    I like it Muy bien