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Pagan Girl

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I recently had my itunes music moved from my old computer onto my lap top when I noticed that a few songs did not transfer over, mostly songs of which had been downloaded from ther internet so I was e-mailing the songs to myself from the old computer to open them up on my lap top to download them into itunes and I came acorss this song that my dearly beloved had sent me when we were first getting to know each other, and I just thought it was really cute and sweet.

Pagan Girl
by Emerald Rose

Well the world is full of women
Every color, shape, and kind
And with this female cornucopia
It might be hard to make up your mind
I've had my share of failures
But I've learned a thing or two
I've laid down some hard-earned guidelines
Listen well and I'll sing them for you

I'm gonna find myself a pagan girl
Who understands the Goddess and rocks my world
Chant in the circle as the Sun and the Moon
Then dance round the fire to a Goddess tune
Rock all night 'till the morning unfurls
I'm gonna find myself a pagan girl

Back in college, Mary was an A D Pi
And as fine as any you have seen
But she blackballed the God and the Goddess
If they didn't wear pink and green
And Belinda, she was a wild girl
She could dance, she could ride, and she could scream
But the only Gods she adored and served
Were Mary Jane and old Jim Beam


Now Sherry was a fine, sweet girl
My happiness was her goal
But she had one very big problem with me
I would not let her save my soul
And Annie was a New Age mystic
Dolphins, angels, crystals, trees
But her idea of wild good time
Was channeling from the Pleiades


I didn't think that I would ever find her
Thought it might be a greater mystery
Then I saw her standing in the circle
An earthly Goddess weaiting just for me...

Oh, I found myself a pagan girl
Who understands the Goddess and rocks my world
We stand in the circle as the Sun and the Moon
Then dance round the fire to a Goddess tune
Rock all night till the morning unfurls
I found myself a pagan girl
P-A-G-A-N, P-A-G-A-N,
I found myself a pagan girl -- pagan girl!
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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh I had a heck of time getting my itune songs moved from one computer to another. The problem is they are stored in separate files and you have to consolodate them. there's a process for that. It took me two months to fully move itunes from one laptop to another. If it's only a few songs, you're better off just re-saving them from a disk. I guess if you have to rebuy them then you'll have to figure it out. I found that itunes is not all that friendly for a non-Mac computer. Pain in the butt, but i finally figured it all out. I couldn't re-save over 7000 songs. It would have took forever.
  2. Dark Muse's Avatar
    I had my brother-in-law do it all for me. He networked the two computers together and opened up my itunes music filesd from my old comp on the lap top and just moved all the music over. For him it was acutally not too difficult cause he knows what he is doing.

    It was only a few songs that were downloaded from the internet so they were not in my itunes file but just saved in my documents that were not transfered over.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Those files are still in your old computer D-M. Just located and filed away from the other stuff. You should still be able to get to them.
  4. Dark Muse's Avatar
    Yes, that is what I did, they just did not get transfered over with my itunes music when my brother-in-law did it becasue they were not in the itunes music folder. They were just saved under my documents so I just e-mailed them to myself and than opened them up on the new lap top.
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    Hmm, now that's a neat trick.
  6. Dark Muse's Avatar
    Hehe yeah, it would take a long time with more than a few songs, but it worked pretty easily.