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I've been putting off this blog, the next about becoming a teacher. I had to take a big test last month and I have to pass it before I can begin my student teaching. I mentioned that I have test anxiety so I've been really concerned.

On test day I left the house three hours early to drive the half hour to the community college that is the testing center. I didn't want have to worry about having a flat or being late. I stopped at wal-mart and then I read a book in the parking lot until it was time to go in. They placed me in the back row and my best friend in the row just in front of me and slightly to my left. It's a two hour test and you can't leave until the two hours is up no matter how early you finish. You are also not allowed to read or entertain yourself in anyway once you have finished. I was able to see where my friend was on her answer sheet and she was about five questions ahead of me through out the test. I couldn't see her answers, just where she was on the answer sheet. The test was not so bad. I finished with nearly an hour to spare. I felt really good about the test and I decided not to even look back over the answers.

So I tap my toe...

I look around, but not too much so as to appear to be cheating...

I pray a little... well, a lot...

I decide to go the restroom and really take my time about it. I signal to let the test official know I'm going to the restroom. I walk real slowly. I take forever washing my hands. I get them really, really dry. I look at my teeth in the mirror. I slowly stroll back up the testing room looking at everything distracting on the way...

I sit and lotion my hands, twice, all the way up to the elbow...

I still have 40 minutes to sit there and do nothing.

When I looked up to my friend she is looking back over her answers. I decide just to look a little, but only to pass the time. Well, I changed a few answers here and there. Then I realized that I had a lot of erase marks. When I added them up I found that I had changed 10% of my answers! What have I done?! I can't believe it. I went back to the first change and start to erase thinking I'll change them all back. But, they call time and I can't.

For the past month I've prayed and worried and wondered why I went back and changed so many answers. I've been absolutely sick over it.

The test schedule says scores will be posted on the fifteenth of December, but if you want to call on the 11th they may be available if you want to pay 30 bucks. Well, I decided that I would not pay the 30 bucks.

The problem is that I have to pass the test before I can start my student teaching. The next test is three hours away and the deadline to register is the 17th. The scores for that test won't be available until the 5th of February. Student teaching begins on the 11th of January. A lot to worry about. I have to make a 157 to pass. People who score a 181 or higher receive special recognition. I didn't want to blog and admit that my score was below a 157 and I would not be able to graduate in the spring.

This morning I got an e-mail from a classmate that said she and another classmate were able to access their scores on the internet. I checked and they were not there. Then after lunch my best friend called me and told that her scores were there and she got a 183 (woohoo). She logged in as me and nothing available. I came home and checked and nothing. I'm just sick with worry and fear and hope and dread. Then I realized that I had not put all of my personal information into the computer. Once that was done I was done I got my score...


It's the highest score I've heard of so far.

Now I need to match my thanksgiving to my begging for a passing score.

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  1. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Wow!!! Congrats!
  2. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    It's the worst. I think I got like a 175. Awesome, and congrads!!!
  3. pussnboots's Avatar
    Way to go!!
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    Congratulations Mom-H!!! You did it!! Now you can celebrate.

    Why would they charge you thirty dollars when you could find out for free? I bet some people are pretty pissed they paid thirty bucks.

    Does that mean now you can spend more time on lit net?
  5. andave_ya's Avatar
    yaha that's AWESOME!! Good job Mom-H!!
  6. motherhubbard's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. I do feel a little on top of the world.
  7. TheFifthElement's Avatar
    Congratulations Motherhubbard, you're going to make one fantastic teacher
  8. The Comedian's Avatar
  9. thisismyseason's Avatar
    Congratulations! You should join Tutors 4 Teachers Certification, I hear they are always looking for high test passers!
    I love the company! They only hire state certified teachers and college professors who teach state certified teachers.

    Check it out! They helped me!