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Sipping the Tea


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Well, just 'any way' hardly ever is the right way.

Will these heels dig out my grave?
I’ve done the interior decoratin' and everything--
Now I just need to sink into it.
Anyway, heels never really fit me.
I mean, they fit my feet – just not me.
On days like these, I go diggin’ for the big baggy blue jeans,
Brother’s giant hand-me-down shirts
Hidin' and floppin' over bones and tendons
And all that I lack
Like a Big Top hangs over suffocatin' tent poles.
I used to be a travelin' circus,
Full of laughs and wonder
And untamed tigers singin' in unchained cages.
These days, everybody wants a refund.


I have to forget now that you’re wonderful.
Oh, it was nothin' serious, that is,
It was all just girlish glam and glitter, you know,
You know—
I just wanted your respect,
Is all.
That’s all.

[Is there a Side 2 for life?
Flip me over and maybe I can fool you
Into believin' my bruised blues singin' is pretty again.]

There I was, see, in my big girl clothes,
All red and black and sleek --
But all it took was a look and a coupl'a words from your so-sure mouth,
And I was shattered;
My gum-chewin’, nail-bitin’,
hair–curlin, high-walkin’,
honky tonk façade was gone in a fizzle
As my heart and soul went sailin' south for the winter.

Oh, and honey,
It’ll be a cold one.


  1. skib's Avatar
    Wisp, you put everything into your writing. I love it. And am somewhat saddened at what you have to go through to be able to write about is so truthfully, but still. You show what you want us to see.
  2. farnoosh's Avatar
    I,too,really enjoyed it!confused at firstbut then I re-read it and re-read it again and again...
    Is it normall to feel happy-for an unknown reason-by it?
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