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So the SNP want to put out their white paper

It is with a great sense of worry that I contemplate the future of my country. Long time readers may recall my previous entry on the thistle tinted specs brigade. We are far too good at blaming others for our problems and not accepting the duty we bear instead to fix our country. We can be successful as an independent country yes, but if we go into it thinking everything will be rosy because we've finally carried through the declaration of Arbroath there will be plenty sorely disappointed and with a lot to answer for.

We are a small country with delusions of grandeur. I have long held the belief that the only reason the scottish economy did not go the way of Iceland and Irelands is because of the ability of the UK as a whole to absorb some of the assumed debts.

We have a life expectancy in glasgow of around 10 years less than in the south of england - some would point to this and say "see thats cos those [epletive deleted]s in westminster are too concerned with england and dont care bout us!" actually it is because we have our heads in our rear ends and dont realise we are happilly killing ourselves due to a steady diet of deep fried pizzas and Irn-Bru by an IV drip.

Dont get me wrong though - I do love Scotland with every fibre of my being. It's just I think we can be so much more than what we are and that wont start so much by independence as much as having a proper look at the state our country is in.


Whilst I am on my rant, one other thing has bothered me greatly the last couple of days:

(taken from belgian beer thread)

Tennants Extra??? Now I know you are joking, do I sound like some amateur Scottish drunk?
Brian Bean:
Now, now, Neely, you should know that there are no amateur Scottish drunks: only professionals.
Yes professional drunks, but not professional drinkers...
I am quite frankly livid at this. The insinuations that :

A) youd need to be a drunk to drink Tennants Extra

B) All Scotsmen are drunks

C) No scotsman has a clue about anything and only cares about getting hammered

really have annoyed me to the extreme. If I was to stereotype other nationalities in similar fashions it would quite rightly be pilloried but it has become acceptable to classify the Scot as a drunkard (something which to an extent we have ourselves to blame for) but all the same it is frankly completely out of order and has me very upset

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  1. TheFifthElement's Avatar
    Hey kilted, I understand why you're cross. I wouldn't let it worry you. If I said Alf Garnett springs to mind, I think you'll probably have a fair ideal what I'm talking about.

    The issue of Scottish independence is a pressing one. As an English person (and therefore not entitled to have an opinion on the issue ) if Scotland wants independence, I think we should let them go. Wales would soon follow, but I think Wales would have it tougher as there's not a great deal of industry, but perhaps being a member of the EU (assuming EU membership is a given) would be enough to give all 3 nations a buffer zone. But this idea that England has it great is way off the mark. At the moment it seems like English tax money pays for free prescriptions and better education in both Scotland and Wales, whereas your average English person is still coughing up for everything. In fact the prescription charge has gone up in England, whereas if you live over the border it's completely free. Plus we have this bizarre situation where English and Welsh MPs have no say in Scottish matters, and English and Scottish MPs have no say in Welsh matters, but both Welsh and Scottish MPs have a say in English matters! Balance is something we're not good at, I think. I also think that we're all better off together than split. The United Kingdom has some strength left; England, Scotland and Wales won't. It'd be a shame. I also think that all 3 nations should have a say in whether the split happens or not, but proposing that is tantamount to crushing the Scots and the Welsh under the English yoke so probably won't happen. Then there's Northern Ireland, which I haven't mentioned on purpose and which is in danger of skipping off into trouble again. It all seems to revolve around economics. Ho hum. There's no easy answer; too much history.

    Sorry, nearly slipped into rant-a-thon there!