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Away with the Fairies- The Travel Diary of an Irish WebFairy

One by one... only the good die young...

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So now that i've calmed down thanks to the great talent of my wonderful other half, i need to get whats wrong off my chest.
a couple of fridays ago i found out from my mam that my Auntie Cora had been given a few days. She has Overian cancer in a secondary stage. She was let home last week, but my dad hasnt been allowed to see her. She has been suffering from it for over a year, and had a short remission period... but obviously it didnt last. I've been basically waiting to hear about her since.
On Sunday i found out my friend Gillians Granny died. Gill had looked after her for years but her alzhiemers got to bad and Gills parents took her to their home.
A couple of hours later, while getting ready to sit in my seat at the cinema my friend Ciara unexpectedly turned around an announced that a girl both myself and Lisa had been good friends with in School during our last two years, graduated with, drank with until college tore us all apart... a girl both myself and Ciara had a great night out with only about 4 years ago had died that morning... of Cervical Cancer.... I didnt even know she was sick. I'm gutted. 27 years old with two young kids. life really is a *****!
Yesterday i went over to my parents house as i normally do on my days off... i love hanging out with my folks. They are nuts. My mam told me that my Dads brother Bernard had called, said he was thinking of coming over to stay for a few days to see Cora before she died. He told them that he would need to ask his doc if that was okay. this surprised them. Turns out... he has lung cancer.
In the last few days i've been surounded by nothing but death, cancer and dying. it finally overwhelmed me in work when i say Tina's (my school friend) obituary in the Herald. I couldnt stop crying ... had a bit of an emotional breakdown. A lot has been going on in work and my life over the last month and this just topped me over. How does one deal with that much sickness and death in two days? just cant. My old school friends funeral is tomorrow morning and Gills Grannys is thursday morning... Thankfully i've 8 days hols from friday or i may have had to take time off.

so i'm dedicating this song to Tina... Rest in peace hun. xxx


  1. Scheherazade's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your losses, Niamh.

    Take care.
  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    The times are in our hands. each moment a gift--each person blesses (or not) in their way and adds to our joy and appreciation of life. My usual manner is to advise that oyu grive well with a full heart and cherish your memories. They will live on in you and may you be at peace.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh dear, it does seem to come in waves. Let's hope that it's all over and you will get a respite from all this. The older one gets, the more of these come up. My sympathies Niamh.
  4. applepie's Avatar
    I'm sorry Niamh. Life is all too short for so many, and I don't think that there is ever really enough time. I hope the coming days will come with happier time. Meg
  5. qimissung's Avatar
    I'm sorry, Niamh. That is a lot of death and loss. The important thing is that you care, and that there is a connection between you and these people, because in the end, that's all we've got really. Take care.
  6. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Niamh, sorry for your sad times. I know about the coming all at the same time thing... Just hang in there and keep well. My sympatheis dear.