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Living Breathing Contradiction...

A day in the life of a country princess

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so today I mowed the front pasture...well used the lawnmower as a leaf blower... And i had to think to myself. Just how hick do you have to be to use your lawn mower as a leaf blower? *sigh* im now sneezing little pieces of leafs. the horses chased the lawn mower all day. I ran into a tree. it hurt. than got the mower stuck in the ditch. had to tie the horses to the front of the mower to pull it out. horses ran off after that scared they might get put to work again. Took dance to vet for a check up. he is doing better... Today was pretty great. Except i found out i have to put my kitty down he is blind deaf and has no sence of smell... So its mean to leave him outside around the woods and what not.... But other than that. mom is getting to meet this guy i have been chatting with for a while he is 30, a controller and owns a publishing company. so that will be interesting... We are having dinner this weekednt 0,0 wish us luck. lets hope mom and terry dont play the protective parents this is our baby girl thing. thats the reason he isnt meeting dad lol. im sleepy, and smell like fire and leaves. oh yeah i got to bulldose and burn the old barn. it was pretty fun. *yawn* a full day, its time to get to bed now thou. havent been to bed yet... Goodnight litnet! Sweetdreams...

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  1. applepie's Avatar
    Hope dinner goes well. Can't blame you for not introducing him to your dad. I waited as long as possible for Tom to meet mine:)
  2. stephofthenight's Avatar
    Glad someone gets it
  3. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    My little sister who is 19 just moved in with her boyfriend who is 37. My dad and step mom agreed, b/c it had been going on since she was 17 and he was very loyal and has a law degree. He is working at a pretty prestigious firm and makes good money. He helps her study in school, so he respects her space and worries about her well-being.