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Away with the Fairies- The Travel Diary of an Irish WebFairy

Three years on...

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So tomorrow i'll have been a member of litnet for three years. wow! where did those years go!
My time here on litnet has been a loving one, bar a short period that personally i wont talk about. Has nothing to do with my good friends here.

This time three years ago i was feeling very lonely and rather sorry for myself. I was sick with pneumonia and out of work for about two weeks at this point. Had been more or less couped up in my bedroom and had no visitors. I got very bored one fateful 19th of november and decided i'd mess around on the internet. I decided to look up J.M.Synge and he led me to here. I'd never joined a forum before so it was a real taboo for me when i signed up. Was a bit distant at first but like everyone else soon felt myself sucked into the chats and discussions. I had people to talk to... so i kept coming back.

Even when i was better i was still coming on. It became a part of my day to day life... Get up, go on to litnet, have shower, get dressed, go to work, come home go on litnet. If i wasnt out and about with my then boyfriend, i was sitting at home on litnet. The people here had become friends to me. by the March i'd gotten to meet my first litnetter Cookie. It was a strange experience meeting someone from the internet. I mean... what if they turned out to be an axe murderer?... thankfully they turned out to be a German with a packet of cookies!

By the August i was asked to be a Mod. That was a strange experience at first but i've enjoyed it. I'm still learning though. i dont think i would have if there hadnt been such an amazing team. I've bacome really good friends with some of them and best friends with one. But i'm getting ahead of myself!

My first year came and went. I think i threw a party! hehehe. In the november a group of us started sending a Leprechaun teddy around the world! Was fun while it lasted!

2008 came along and i started to natter away to Nightie who one day just went "Oi! Give me your no. I need someone new to torment!" (well it was something along those lines!) 2008 for me was spending a whole year mainly talking to Nighie on skype, and Papayahed too.

In the summer of 2008 i broke up with my boyfriend and began to have a life, even though some of it was online... okay i admit! I'm sad! it was most of it! In the September i took a holiday to Australia and it was wonderful! 3 whole weeks away from Ireland, work and all the bad memories!

My life was changing and litnet was remaining a major part of my life. I wanted to give something back to the people... And so during the month of my second year here, i gave Litnet the Newsletter. (yes! Its Me! ) It went through verious stages before it came to what it is. Admin was the genius (obviously) behind the blog idea. Mine was way too far out. Its had its ups and its downs. But its one years old now! Happy Birthday!

2009 rolled in pretty quickly, and i can tell you, i never though it was going to be as great a year as it has been! I had a really memorable birthday, the first non disaster in years! Nightie came over for it. was great! As you can see...

I started to travel a lot more... I think it was Scher who summed it up in her post in ^< saying she travelled to work, i worked to travel... It really become like that for me!
March came and i went to Worcester,

April i went to London,

May i was in Edinburgh with a group of people i knew from a Paranormal forum,

June i went to Manchester to visit Nightie,

June/july i had an important visiter,

August i was grounded in Ireland,
September i was in Bruges,

last month i was grounded again and this month i'm off to Cardiff... Canada in January!

The end of Feb was when the period briefly mentioned in the beginning of the blog happened that i wont go into. A few people know what its about but i'll not mention it. I was feeling rather down until i logged onto facebook and got a message from a litnetter that made me laugh. We'd never really spoken much before but after that we were soon chatting all the time. And something happened that neither of us expected.
We are celebrating 6 months next week.

With a firm push over a few months by a certain Mod, I started back in college in October. The course i'm doing is really interesting... But i still havent gotten my first asignment back! Thank you!
I'm hoping to do a degree in Literature and the English language... but i have a seeking suspicion that history is starting to creep back into the degree possiblities!

So now that those three years have passed its time to face the next three and see where life takes me!

Happy 3rd Litaversary to me!

(for anyone who is wondering... the news will be blogged later today. sorry! I've been rather busy!)

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  1. The Comedian's Avatar
    Most enjoyable post! And congratulations on your time well spent on LitNet.
  2. andave_ya's Avatar
    This is a very sweet blog, Niamhie! I'm so glad things are looking up for you - you and kilted deserve it. All the best to the both of you.
  3. applepie's Avatar
    Has it really been that long??? :lol: I'm not making it around much any more, but your's is always a welcome name to see:D
  4. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Wow Niamh. So glad to have known you through posts. But feel like I know you much better now. You sound and look like you have really enjoyed your stay at litnet and all the travelling. Thanks for sharing.
  5. kilted exile's Avatar
    sending you that message in facebook is the best decision I have ever made. I love you completely and am aiming so hard at not screwing things up for once so there are lots more 6 month periods to go
  6. mtpspur's Avatar
    3 years. I know we haven't spoken a lot but you have bene on my radar as a dependable encourgare and supporter of any and all. Three years. This was an excellent summary. May you, I and others continue the adventure. If memory serves you gave me my subtitle of my blog which got erased during that dark period of REDESIGN the Forum which it took me forever to accept. But I have ALWAYS been lazy about about tweaking my inputs. Congratulations Niamh.
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    Great blog Niamh. I love this. A couple of days after your anniversary is mine and it will make four years for me. It's been a pleasure. I love lit net. Congratulations and I do wish the best for your life.

    Great pictures too. Kilt looks great without that beard. He was hiding such a handsome face.
  8. Niamh's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! Its great to be here three years!
    Rich it had something to do with pouring out your sould but i just cant remember what it was either and i'm also too lasy to go back and find out! lol!
    And yes Virg i have to agree... he does look very handsome without the big bushy beard.
    Kilted it really was the best spontanious move ever. love you too.