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Hah! Yeah. You folks thought you were going to get some "Twilight" action, eh? Wrong!

I've never even read the book or seen the movie. But, by golly, have I heard about it.

Vampires? Pheesh.

Anyway, I figure the title would catch your attention so I can "trap" you folks into reading my blog!

It's all good! Even if I were to blog about Twilight it would be a rant about Twilight. See, minor differences.

So, yeah, did anybody notice the time change? Well, I do now. You know what time I got sleepy and drowsy eyed? 6:30 p.m.! Good grief! 6:30 p.m.! I was tired! And I slept!

Even old folks don't sleep that early. But who does? Apparently, I do.



  1. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I was going to read your twilight blog and think about how another sucker got pulled in by twilight. hehe...

    My youngest kids don't know how to read time yet and so during real time I can send them to bed at 7:00 and I do and they sleep! I love <<<<LOVE>>>> real time!
  2. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Got me!
  3. qimissung's Avatar
    Me too!!!! Although, I must say I did like both the book and the movie.

    Ah, for the days when my kids went to bed early....
  4. stephofthenight's Avatar
    Lol... You never know, you might enjoy twilight Broaden your horizen... as for the other... WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!!!