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Blue hair nightmare

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So Halloween has come and gone and for most people costumes have been thrown out, or in a drawer to be forgoten. The hair color has washed out like the box said it would... Everything is fine and dandy..EXCEPT for me. so I bought candy even though the kids around here are terrified or my father. thinking maybe just maybe one or two would come. well i decided to dress up as somethhing fun and sweet so as not to scare anyone. So I get this hair gel type stuff its suppose to sit on top of your hair so you dont risk staining it. but before I did that for extra safety I soaked my hair with conditoner and blow dried it to mak sure nothing could be adsorbed... right, everything will be fine...wrong... I slather this stuff on takes 2 bottles cause my hair is really long, get dressed sit outside all night from 6pm until 10pm waiting for anyone, ended up feeding dancer snickers and walking next door and giving them the candy... Went to wash my hair and the flakes of blue in the bottom of the shower gave me false hope, than the slimyness of conditoner left in your hair left. get out towel dry my hair... the towel stays white..great sign...Look in the mirror and let out a blood curling scream... My hair is still the color of cookie monster. So I decided to follow the rinse lather and repeat cure... still has not worked. I think I am now stuck with bright blue hair. I mean if it was a dark blue or something it would be tolerable. but its bright blue. And Some people could pull that off... but not I... Sniff Sniff
To make it worse I had to attend a job interview with you guessed it...Bright Blue Hair. Since it was the day after haloween they cut me some slack and I go back in a week. but ugh. I feel like an lol. perhaps litnet will find humor in my distress.


  1. samercury's Avatar
    It is kind of funny though (and at least it's not bright highlighter pink). Blue hair is really pretty though- slightly biased opinion since one of my friends in high school had blue hair for the entire time.
  2. stephofthenight's Avatar
    If it was pink I would cry whilst shaving it... some blue is...maybe i will post a picture but this is like neon blue... and im very pale.. clashes bad
  3. applepie's Avatar
    Have you tried a good clarifying shampoo? I've always had good luck with that. If all else fails, seeing as you said you are pale, I would dye it a nice brown over top before my next interview. Like you mentioned, they were forgiving on the day after Halloween, but they may not be next week. Plus, I think I've seen your picture on here before, and you would be a pretty brunette Steph. Good luck with the whole deal:) Meg
  4. qimissung's Avatar
    What a halloween nightmare. It would be funny if YOU thought it was funny. I cannot even imagine having to go on a job interview with neon blue hair. My heart recoils at the idea!

    Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.
  5. Delta40's Avatar
    Poor you! they say beauty is pain and pain comes in bottles of different sizes.......

  6. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Yeah, I find it very humorous!
  7. stephofthenight's Avatar
    you would neo... meani... jk. yeah its pretty funnyn now that its not blue no mas