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A Ramble through Smilie Land

Exciting things a foot! ( the long version)

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Well for me at least I will give you the quick summary of events first that way you don’t have to looka t the long story but I am putting the long version of events here so that I can stop repeating the story and just direct people here as I am getting bored with repeating it.

I GOT A JOB! In EGYPT, and the best /most surprising bit? Its IN MY OLD SCHOOL!

Basically I went off on my holiday to Egypt that was all very nice I got to see the Library of Alexandria got stuffed with fattening foods got eaten alive by mosquitoes and got some new trainers except I kept worrying about getting a job, so one day I go into facebook- it was my cousins computer and sitting for hours on the litnet would have been ‘unsociable’ anyway the point. My friend sends me a message going “did you check out the school in Cairo?” and my reply was Huh? What school , I got told off for not paying attention to messages ( but I had 32 its not surprising one fell through the net) and the internet at y uncles was crappy. So she sends me the advert again. DO you want to see it? but the salary is alot less now and thebenifits too turn out this is what teachers get go figure!
Anyway the deadline had already passed but I thought what the hay I can try anyway so on the Monday the 5th I rang up and said look I know the deadline has gone and all that but have you found someone, and the guy says NO the deadline doesn’t end till November that’s a mistake I will have to sort. Send me your CV and photo and I will forward to the school. I explained I was on holiday and didn’t have access to a photo but I did have my CV. I had been planning to apply to the Library of Alexandria but they aren’t hiring anyone with less than 15 years professional experience in a progressive career. Anyway so I send him my CV and next thing I know I get an email saying . What a coincidence its _______ YOUR old school! Are you still interested. Now considering it was there I learnt about the existence of libraries and that there was such a thing as a librarianship degree and was actually advised to take one my answer was YES!
Soo eventually the school ring me up on my last day in Egypt and ask me three question “ did I need accommodation? Was I married? And how soon could I start? Send them a scan of my qualifications and they would send the contracts.
So I rang my mum up and got her to take my resignation letter into work. Work and my mum decided it was wiser to hang on to it. And all things considered I am glad they did.
The school slashed the salary ( from the lower end of the bracket) by a third, and I have to pay for the work visa and residency permits. General advice being not to declare my Egyptian nationality eligibility as then the school will pay be less than a 1/8th of the salary they are currently planning to pay me. SO I am keeping mum. But I get free accommodation and I am going back. I signed the contracts yesterday work accepted my resignation yesterday and are back dating it ( or trying to) to the 7th of October to make my last day of work the 31st and they are ‘glad to see the back of me’ and they planned my leaving do completely without me . And next week I am in Dublin to have a yay and goodbye thing with niamh.


  1. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Congrats, Nightie!!! That is SO exciting! I have always wanted to go to Egypt. Perhaps someday I will and visit you . Amazing!
  2. Niamh's Avatar
    Yeay! See you monday!
  3. gbrekken's Avatar
    Monday? How can you be so certain?
  4. Nightshade's Avatar
    Thanks becca! And yes if you do plan to turn up in Egypt let me know before hand, a) I can tell you what times of year are not the best to visit at. Like Sandstorm season when somedays the sky is quite literally orange.
  5. TheFifthElement's Avatar
    Hey, that's great news Nightie. Good for you
  6. Madhuri's Avatar
    Congrats, Night!! wonderful news
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    Sounds great Nightie. It's a start. Congratulations my dear!!!
  8. Lycurgus's Avatar
    Woo! congrats again! nice to read the long version...sounds hectic and exciting! Inshallah, it will be succesful and as easy as possible for you! (got ur messgae btw, 9 is great! thanks...didn't realise you were still awake but i should've known better really, lol)