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Where to start?

I've missed LitNet badly...but I've been going through a lot.

I'm in Puerto Rico, and had started a Master's program in English Literature, but am no longer planning on sticking with the program. I've discovered just how much growing I have yet to do, and have realized that a lot of that growing needs to be done by spending time with my family, of which I have none here in PR.

So, it's back home for me.

I also realize that I really, really need to start writing. Like, NOW, or else I just might never do it...and that would make me sad. So...I'm going to go home, and I am going to start writing. I'll have to find a source of income in the time being, of course, and hopefully I will find something that doesn't drive me as crazy as teaching did.

I can't handle that kind of insanity right now. Call me selfish, but I need to get *my* stuff together before I can hope to teach teens how to get *their* stuff together.

...even though they really, really need teachers back home.

I'll figure it out when I get there.

In the meantime, I'm lying back, enjoying Puerto Rican culture, meeting new people, trying new things, and considering this a vacation before going home to start working on, well, life.

Miss you all!


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh Shan. I had wonder about you the other day as I went through my friends list. It's too bad that master's program didn't work out. Was it the curriculumn? Were you teaching as well? You don't have to answer if you don't wish. Sometimes we have these setbacks in life but it sounds like you know where the center of your world is. Hope you pull your self out of it soon. And welcome back to lit net.
  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    Once in awhile your name would cross the brain cells as well but I'm accepting (finally) that people come and go here but was pleased to see an entry from you. Good luck with the writing. As to teaching you don;t HAVE to have it ALL together--just be a few steps ahead of the pack as a guiding light. You'll be fine. I have always thought you were one of the responsible ones and taking care of yourself goes with it.
  3. Shannanigan's Avatar
    Thanks Virg and mtpspur; it's always nice to find out you've been missed The program wasn't that difficult in and of itself, it was just that I realized that it wasn't my real goal in coming here. Getting a Master's was a great excuse, but in reality, I was just trying to get away from home for a while to sort out my priorities, and now that I think I've started to get a grip on that, spending the time and money getting a degree I don't feel passionate about getting just seems silly.

    I'm happy with my decision, though many can't seem to understand why I could happily walk away from furthering my education. It's hard to explain, but I understand it for myself, and that's really what's important, I think.

    I'm happy with the idea of going home, focusing on writing, taking on a simple job for the time being to get by, and enjoying the family and friends I failed to appreciate in the past.
  4. gbrekken's Avatar
    At times the knowledge we seek is not the knowledge that comes to us.
  5. gbrekken's Avatar
    Just waiting.
  6. mtpspur's Avatar
    My son was visiting this week and he has completed two degrees and in maping out his goals he mentioned that for his purposes he felt no major need to get the highest degree there is (Masters??) as he put it only .001 percent of university students ever bother. Nice to have but NOT an essential. With this context I read with pleasure your reply and think you are well on the right course. Privately I envy ANY one who enjoys their family but that will never resolve itself now so blessings to you.
  7. Shannanigan's Avatar
    Thanks gbrekken; that is exactly what happened in this case, I believe.

    *hugs* to mtpspur...there is little chance I will ever enjoy the entirety of my family, but the few people that are in it who I can spend time with happily are people I've been neglecting, so I'm going to try to fix that. It sounds like you and your son get along well