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This ones for Margaret. RIP

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The airport as you all know is a constant hub of activity. For those of us who work there, there are faces you would see constantly, many belonging to people who have been working there for decades.

One such face belonged to a woman named Margaret. how long she has been working in the airport i'm not sure, but it was a very long time. She ran the Kiosk sweet shops in the landside area of Dublin Airport, one of the shops being located beside one of ours in the arrivals hall. Up until a few years about she held the lease for the Kiosk, but lost it to a couple of friends of some top notch in the DAA (politics! Meh!)

She was an old woman in her 70's, more than likely mid to late, and everyone knew her; the staff in the airport and the drivers of the buses. she was like a foundation stone in that airport and greatly admired.

Now, a few years ago she fell ill and was out of work for a few months. when she came back she was supposed to take it easy. But how many of us listen to our doctors eh? When the new crowd took over, Margaret was actually working more than she had before coming in at 5am and going home after 1pm for a few hours and then coming back in later that evening to close up because the new staff couldnt do it right. In my opinion, the new bosses took advantage of her knowledge of running the stores and her kindness.

I said it to her more than once, as did her family who had left the Kiosk in disgust when Margaret lost the lease, and told her to stop working so hard and to start looking after herself.... i only said it to her on Tuesday of last week because she was looking tired and her eye was badly infected again. She even said it herself that she needed to and that it was about time she listened to us all and stopped pushing herself. I think the last words i said to her before she got off the bus were to take care of herself, to stop letting those *insert a million curse words* take advantage of her, to start looking after herself and i'd see her soon...

Today i had to go out to head office for a meeting and found out from my friend Sarah that Margaret had been taken into Beaumont hospital on Saturday and had passed away. I'm so upset for her family, so sad that she is gone as she was such a genuinely wonderfully sweet woman, and i am also so angry at the *bleep* who took over the lease from her two years ago for taking advantage of her. She was an old woman and they should have known better than to have abused her kindness. They pushed her and pushed her and it wasnt fair and now before she could even properly begin to rest and take life easier and at her own pace and relax for the rest of her days she is gone.

Rest in peace Margaret... you will always be remembered by your friends, family and the intire airport community.


  1. pussnboots's Avatar
    sorry to hear about your friend. It's sad what happened.
  2. Madhuri's Avatar
    That is sad
  3. qimissung's Avatar
    I'm really sorry abut your friend, Niamh. You know I work in a school, and there used to be a geography teacher here, an older man. He'd been here for a number of years. He was waiting to retire because he had a daughter who was going to college. He wanted to make sure he had enough to get her thrpugh. He was about 70when I knew him, and for the last three years he worked at our school they made him float, that is move from classroom to classroom. The year he retired (he was about 73 at that time) he found out he had bone cancer. He died the next year.

    I hope there is a special place in hell for those who mistreat the elderly.
  4. Niamh's Avatar
    so do i.
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    Sad story Niamh. People really should listen to their doctors. They should question them, but without a different medical opinion, their judgement is better than a non-medical individual's. May she rest in peace.
  6. mtpspur's Avatar
    You did great honor to your friend and her memory will live on in your heart and in her example to you. She sounds like a spendid lady who probably was veyr glad to be something worthwhile--work being relative to the satisfaction it brings a person not so much the glory or importance of it. I am sorry for your loss.