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Every semester, I promise myself to take fewer science classes the following semester and every single time, it never ends up happening (ha). Either I see a class that I never knew existed before and think “ooh this looks so interesting” or I try to get the required classes out of the way or someone who took the class thinks I’d absolutely love it (which I do, but still). So, after the first week of classes, there’s this period where it’s so hard to get up in the morning: it’s the weeks after you just realized that the profs lied when they say that the classes are “not that bad” but before the time you start thinking about switching majors. |:

Seriously: why did I decide to take neurobio, orgo (and the lab), plant bio, marine vertebrates AND biochem. Oh well, at least there’s the weird/ fun ghosts and monsters class. On the other hand, they’re sooooo interesting! Except for the exams . Oh I really, really hate the exams. Last week, I had a bunch of them and it sucked. Pretty much lived on candy and coffee all week since the other classes/ labs/ homework don’t stop for exams and it’s hell managing everything but oh well. A couple of them weren’t that bad (pretty good actually), one was really… obscure- way too specific questions. The last was orgo which I’m pretty sure I did badly on OTL my thought at the end of that exam was “wow, those structures that I invented were so pretty” because I honestly just sat there trying to thing half the time. o.o

Oh and let’s not forget work. I mean, it’s really fun/ interesting and I’m learning a lot, but sometimes it takes up so much of my time- and I legit spend more time there than in all my classes for the week combined half the time. The worst part of that is the waiting-for-things-to-work part though. So my days for the past few weeks have been: wake up at 7/7:30 get ready, class, class (class), work (/lab), (class), eat/ take a break, study, read, sleep.
Anyways, I still love college (except for orgo sometimes, but I hope I never actually really need it) x__x

And what’s with everyone being sick lately? First, random people in class start coughing and sneezing their heads off, but every day, the coughs move closer and closer. Last week, my roomie was sick and now I’m starting to be (at least it waited until the first wave of exams was over) .


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    I used to be that way with literature classes. You sound incredibly busy. College life can get really intense. On top of it all, I am glad you are enjoying it. You will look back fondly at it many years from now. Hope you don't get that swine flu.

    Thanks for the update Same.
  2. Bakiryu's Avatar
    Yes the same thing happens to me, I take basic classes and out of nowhere I end up doing three thousand other things.

    ? Maybe it's SWINE FLU!!! :LOL:
  3. samercury's Avatar
    Virg-I do enjoy it (most of the time). That's what people said about high school too- but I don't want to look back on it fondly years from now, I want to look at it fondly now D:

    Baki- yeah it's like "week 1: oh this isn't so bad; week 4: where did all this stuff come from?"

    And I really hope it's not swine flu (or any flu for that matter) a couple of my friends already had the swine flu though so
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by samercury
    Virg-I do enjoy it (most of the time). That's what people said about high school too- but I don't want to look back on it fondly years from now, I want to look at it fondly now D:
    Anyone that goes to college forgets high school altogether in short time.

    Do you have fever? If you don't it's probably just a cold. Actually I bet you don't even have a thermometer in your dorm.
  5. samercury's Avatar
    It's kind of hard to forget about high school when you meet random people who went there almost every single day (not that it's a bad thing, but still) from freshman year 'til now

    I had a fever yesterday and the day before but that's probably because I was stressing out about exams. Why would I have a thermometer with me- I used to have one but someone 'borrowed' it and never gave it back. And I'm home for the weekend and my mom already went over the 'oh, you're okay' part so I don't have the flu.
  6. Virgil's Avatar
    Feel better kiddo.