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Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia


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I've had good reason lately to think about the meaning of the term "friend". You see, when I attempted suicide the other Sunday, the man who talked me out of it stated that we had been friends for 30 years.

I thought about that long and hard over the next days. I appreciate what he did for me, but was he truly a "friend"?

Did he ever write in thirty years? No.
Has he ever called in thirty years? No.
Did we visit each other, did our kids play together (outside of school, they went there together, and graduated together.) No.
E-mail? No.

Friends write, even a quick note.
Friends call, when they know your number, and especially when they live in the same town.
Friends visit together, go places together if at all possible.
Friends e-mail you, even if it is just a forward to some funny or touching chain-mail.

So where are my true friends? Here on this forum. You leave me notes and poems. You PM me, even to ask advice. You give me feedback on my own poetry and stories, and you hold me in prayers, good vibes, kind thoughts and real concerns.

So I will come out of hiding, and let you contact me anyway you want: (I talked to Rich on the phone not too long ago, [sorry, Rich, I couldn't find your number when I needed you, and still can't])


Phone: 276-782-2193

E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Dale Harris
406 Stone Way
Atkins, VA 24311

Personal visit? Virgina Interstate 81
Exit 50
Call me from the gas station, it's actually within walking distance from where I live.

If I could, I would love to visit you all, but a fixed income only goes just so far...

Love you each and every one, my true support group and dearest friends...

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  1. Dark Muse's Avatar
    Insightful thoughts, and I think that the word friend is tossed around too lightly in this day and age. It is something myself and one of my own friend's often discuss. The true meaning of the word friend. I myself am rather stingy with my application of the word.
  2. Maryd.'s Avatar
    Well Pen, I haven't been on Lit Net for long, but I can truly say that you are correct. I have read some of the replies to your first blog re: your suicide attempt. This site and the people on it are a warm and wonderful group. I hope you find your friends close at hand. (Even us Aussies) We may be umpteen miles away, but wish we could be there to give you a big hug. Take care and keep safe.
  3. applepie's Avatar
    Keep hanging in there. Love, Meg
  4. Scheherazade's Avatar
    Glad you are posting more often these days, Pen.

    It is interesting how we feel contacted to certain people regardless of our locations and differences.

    One of LitNet's best features, no doubt, is the circle of friends who are ready to offer support in times of need.

    Keep posting and sharing.

  5. Virgil's Avatar
    I definitely consider you a friend Pen.
  6. qimissung's Avatar
    I will be writing soon!
  7. AuntShecky's Avatar
    You've been one of my favorite people on the LitNet since I first signed on!