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A Ramble through Smilie Land


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So tried the other way of getting an idea for a poem and going with it as opposed to words that say write me write me and here we go.
__________________________________________________ __

Busy again today?
And tomorrow and next week too?
Man you are busy!
Well maybe Iíll catch you later,
You know me anytimeís fine.

SO you donít want to talk to me?
Donít want to be my friend?
Well thatís fine too!
You know what you werenít a good friend anyway
Without you Iíll be just FINE!

Scratch that itís not fine,
Was it something I said? Did?
Iím sorry really sorry please come back.
Ill make you loads of tea and do your homework
Ill agree with everything you say even the skyís green
I donít want to loose a friend
Please say we are fine.

Oh whatís the point?
You donít even care
Iíve no friends and I might as well be dead
Actually itís good I have no friends
I canít afford the emotional fine.

Today I thought of you and smiled
I can do that now, friends grow
Apart and its all good.
And hereís something else thatís good
I have loads of friends now
And I really am fine.

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