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A Ramble through Smilie Land

A new week

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So I am over being down, this has been a GOOD week so far, Ive got things I wanted done, I have been in an amazing good mood, I yeah just good. I even did a little more writing, you have got to love poetry nights!

I am positive
Burning bright
Explosively joyous
Fireworks in the night

Words are moving back and forth
Stitching across reality
Bounding through space and time
Lighting up my screen

Watch this Space

Watch this space
The poem is due to arrive
Flash up in my mind
Write it down fast
NOoo I missed it now.
Watch this space.

Brain Spam
Spam spam
My brain is full
Of spam.

Junk mail Floods the
Cortex., bringing
Viruses and

Words Words Words
Running out of words
Thoughts thought thoughts
Still got some of them
Write write write
Donít want to fall behind
Hurry hurry hurry
Heís going to beat me to it!


Chocolate, broccoli, spinach and tea
All yummy things I like in me
But separately.
If you mixed them all up
I would go eh, Yuck!
And think you had given in
To insanity.

Walk the World Backwards

I am above such lowly things
I am above the earth.
My feet never touch the dirt
And my hair is tulip green.

I am wondrous and amazing
I am simply brilliant
I am smart beyond all art
And I have wings on my feet.

Bells bells everywhere bells
Rings on my fingers
And more on my toes
I walk the world backwards.

Hello hello are you out there?
Hello hello are you gone?
Hello hello have you left me ?
Hello hello come back!!

Simply Me

Simply me I journey the world
Simply me all the time
Sometimes I am a shining star
Sometimes a patch of the dark.
I can be angry and sad
Other times fair lively and glad
But any time all the time me.

Lonely, lonely every where lonely
Everyone is all alone.
Sometimes we know it sometimes we donít
But we are all alone.
Doesnít mean we canít be friends
Doesnít me I donít care
It just means basically kid
You make life choices on your own.

So yes am having a good fun week! I hope everyone else is having brilliant weeks too!


  1. Niamh's Avatar
    pumping out the poetry these days nightie!