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back from Kenya

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I returned from Africa last... Sunday? It was a hoot! Super enjoyable, I had a lot of fun with the kids. They are so sweet and will just come up and hug you and take your hand, they are wonderful. I took oh, a million pictures and a lot of videos too. I'll post 'em soon.

It seems forever ago already and I'm a little bummed that all the buddies I made in my group are allllll the way over in Seattle. It's weird and difficult to establish a connection with someone, staying and traveling, laughing and talking with them, for three weeks and then have to separate very suddenly and leave them behind, whether in Africa or Seattle. I'll just have to visit them all again I guess I also had a dream last night that I was going back to China for a couple months, and I was really excited because I'd see some friends there again. Heartbreak!

A little blue, I guess--waiting for when I can quit my job and move on. I'm also thinking very much of applying to grad school. I'd really like to, but it's an enormous expense that I don't know if I can pile on to the debt I have already--and for an art degree. Is it worth it? I feel like I have so much to learn but I don't know whether to learn it in school or out in the world. It's not worth sinking myself in debt simply for the comfort that the familiar structure of school provides, but at the same time I feel like I'd have a better understanding of my profession and what I want to do.

Oh, my~


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    Tough one. Cna't give you any advice there, except to see if you can find some grants to help defer the expense. And can you work as a graduate assistant? Or would it be better to have a job outside of school that pays more? I don't know as I haven't done the school thing in a long time.

    Yes, it is hard to leave new friends behind. I would even venture to say it's a bit of a trauma, a shock, a tearing loose of a beloved structure. Be kind to yourself for the next little while.

    Looking forward to the picture-maybe some good art will come of the experience...
  2. Niamh's Avatar
    Oh dear! sounds like you have a bit of a conumdrum Higs. Welcome back from Africa btw. I saw your piccys in the Photo album thread. they were very nice.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    I hear you on leaving friends. It kind of tugs at the heart. I would hate to lose all my lit net friends.

    I can't speak to the art world and advance degrees. In engineering, it was a rough rule to go to work and get experience than go to grad school. (1) Some people are not cut out for grad school, (2) the amount a person earns with a master's is not much more than a bachelor's, so you lose at least two years salary to get a few thousand dollars extra starting salary. (3) Experience trumps schooling so a person with those two years experience earns the same as the master's starting out. So in engineering it was (perhaps it's changed now, I'm referring to 20 years ago) best to get a job and then go to grad school at night. Some jobs even pay for grad school.

    I would love to see pictures.