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A Ramble through Smilie Land

A productive day

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I have had a productive day, well kind of see I got some writing done not exactly what I wanted but once I started I couldnít switch it off. Its been well lets say over a year maybe more since I actually properly sat down tow rite anything( and everything) that popped into my head. Anyway if I can say Thank you thank you to Aimus for the much needed kick up the arse and the inspiration. Mind I almost donít want to mention your name because it will inevitably lead to comparisons that are never in my favour but hey, a muse can occasionally dabble without pretending to be the Artist. So Thank you again!
And onwards with the rubbish (and an unfortunate amount of cheese which I completely blame Aims for!!)

Really breathing
Really seeing
Really trying
Trying what?

Oh dear I forgot
Carry on carry on
It will come to you


Ideas float out in space
Pass the information highway
And Know.
Know what ?
I donít Know Ė
I havenít got there yet.

In a mutual appreciation club
The truth is often lost
Too busy flattering to see
A way forward. We stagnate,
Frozen in time. Stuck.
Sometimes what we need
Is friendly kick up the arse.
Criticism is good,
(In moderation).
Balance is needed.

Lie to me

Did you think I
Wanted truth?
Really ? You want to
See me cry?
Quick Quick
Tell me a lie

Tell me Iím pretty
Tell me Iím smart
Special, My work is Art
Tell me you love me
Anything but the truth.

That I am boring,
Dull, fat and

The poetry invasion
Has begun my friend
Soon your words will
Come in flows
of Iambic pentameter
A little haiku
Who knows?
Rhyming couplets
Two by two
Shall walk you
Through a winding hall
A padded room awaits you there
But youíll be beyond care
The words will curl and wrap you
Flatter you and fatten you
And eat your soul away.

Cheese cheese cheese
Cheddar cheese
Cheshire cheese
Sweet cheese
Manky cheese
Blue cheese
And red
ďSay Cheese!Ē
The Big Cheese.

Mushy words
Lovely dovey
Cheesy again
If the moon is made of cheese
Is moonlight made of
Spready cheese?

SPready cheese -
Cupidís in heaven
Getting fat
Heís addicted to
The Cheese.

Everyone is loving
The cheese but
Me. Lactose intolerance-
Cheese makes me sick.

Updated 08-19-2009 at 04:59 PM by Nightshade

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  1. AimusSage's Avatar
    You say rubbish, I say Please!

    If it was rubbish, I wouldn't like it, so that should tell you enough. And stop talking rubbish about the comparisons and so on too.
  2. Nightshade's Avatar
    meh! fine I unreservedly take back all comments re comparisons and rubbish etc. IN fact my work is a shining beacon of light the world is just not ready for... better?

    Seriously though, ok maybe not so awful but not terribly good either.
  3. Niamh's Avatar
    these are ace Nightie! So funny!
  4. qimissung's Avatar
    I especially like the poetry invasion one..."Flatter you and fatten you and eat your soul away." So ominous!