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MH family and farm update

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I really have so much to tell about that I don't even know where to start. It's been a while since I blogged about my little farm and family. We've had a busy and productive summer.

We have had very bad luck with our bunnies in the past. The babies die after just a few days. We did some research and found that our nesting boxes were too small. My husband built me some new boxes and now we have around ten babies that! They will be a week old tomorrow. I have to say that they are so cute that I'm worried about my ability to butcher them. If my husband can do the killing I can do the dressing. This is the first time I've doubted my ability to do the tough job. But, other animals are not so cute and fuzzy soft. I'll know how it goes in another month or so. Wish me luck.

My house is really coming along. This may be the most exciting news! This month we finished my office and the dining room. I spent the morning cleaning and moving furniture. My house is really amazing. In fact, it's like a magazine house. I don't have it decorated, but I just do a little at a time. This is something I've take a little flack over. We've been working on the house for nearly five years. I still have two bathrooms and trim work in the new house and I need to repaint the kitchen, reface the cabinets, and redo the bathroom in the old house. When we moved in we decided to do what we could afford as we could afford it. I'm glad we didn't take out a loan to get it done quickly. I've enjoyed the work, and the time spent working on it, and I don't have a load to pay back. It seems like everyone I know wants everything right now regardless of the debt it brings. I really hate that.

School starts a week from tomorrow. I'm very excited. I can't wait to do my best work. I've been researching different teaching methods, watching videos, reading books, trying things on my kids. It's pretty amazing! Next semester I'll do my internship and I really want to knock my socks!

My husband's job is going well. He has been out of law enforcement for just over ten years- at least on a full time basis. He's worked part time and tried to keep his hand in. It's funny because a lot has changed. When he left everything was DOS, now it's more advanced. And not just computers, all of the equipment is high tech. He's like a dinosaur. I don't know if any of you have ever been married to an investigator, but it has it's challenges. The last time he worked in CID I felt like I was constantly being interrogated. I warned him about how that happened before and how I didn't want to experience that again. So far he is managing things very well. It just has a way of polluting a person. They deal with the same people everyday, and they are the same people that he was dealing with ten years ago plus their children. A lot of what he has to see hurts his heart. I hope he doesn't have to take too many of those kinds of cases.

Out of time. Love you ~ bye


  1. pussnboots's Avatar
    Happy to hear that things are going well in the MH family.

    I guess there aren't that many things you can try and pull on your husband without him getting suspicous
  2. motherhubbard's Avatar
    Oh, that's true! The problem is when he is suspicious for no reason. I hate that!
  3. Niamh's Avatar
    I deffo know there is no way i'd be able to kill bunnies...
  4. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Agree with Niamh- one time we bought meat bunnies from a farmer specifically as pets. . Other than that, glad to hear all is going well.
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh good, rabbit stew!!!

    Actually, no way could i kill bunnies. Actually I couldn't kill anything. If wasn't for butchers i would starve.

    I love what you do with your house. I admire self sufficiency so much. If you ever want to help with a baby's room, we're working on one right here.

    I have no idea what DOS and CID stand for. Sounds like an interesting job, though I can see how police and detective work wears on one's soul.
  6. Zee.'s Avatar
    I'd love to see photos of how your house is coming along!