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Exiled in a kilt

Dizziness & other meaningless nonsense

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I dont know what is wrong with me. Over the last month now I have been getting these dizzy spells & I am begining to get a little concerned - they are getting more frequent & severe.

I dont have a doctor so on saturday I will drag myself to the hospital to wait till someone can see me. I originally thought it might be an ear infection just as they affectbalance and my ear had been sore, but the ear doesnt hurt now. I had one when I got up this morning and had to go lie back down again before going into work. Then I had another in the afternoon when I was moving sheds. The nearest thing I can compare them to is when you are drunk and cant walk straight.

If it wasnt for the fact I have always had high blood pressure I might think maybe my blood pressure was low. Someone at work suggested diabetes, but I had had lunch fairly recently before the one in the afternoon - so surely my blood sugar levels must've been ok?

I hope I am fine tomorrow it is my busiest day of the week & I need to be on top of my game.

In other news: I am probably at some stage going to be changing my job at work - moving out of the warehouse. This will be good.

Also, I am being made enter a writing contest (some folk are under the rather large misapprehension that I have some degree of talent)


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Kilt, have it checked out. Does it come at a particular time in the day? Does it last a set amount? It certainly can be diabetes if it seems to come at a similar time in the day, or a specific time lapse from when you last ate. People with diabetes have a problem controling sugar level, both from getting high and getting low. Think of it this way: Sugar fluctualtion is roughly sinusoidal. Non diabetics have a shallow peaks on the curve and a stretched out cycle. Diabetics have a spikey sinusoidal curve, where the amplitudes on both the high and low range far from the mean. So diabetics get both the effects of high and low sugar. Let them check your sugar level when you go to the doc. But let's hope it's not.
    Updated 07-31-2009 at 05:26 PM by Virgil
  2. motherhubbard's Avatar
    maybe it's just this I'll hope so!
  3. applepie's Avatar
    Go get it looked at Kilt. It may be an infection in your inner ear. I've had them a few times after a more typical ear infection. They never seem to be painful to me. If it is within the deeper part of your ear it would explain the continued dizzyness. Another suggestion is it might just be mild dehydration. I don't know how warm it is for you at the moment, but not drinking enough water can cause this type of trouble when you stand. Either way, good luck with the Doctor. I hope that all is well, and that it isn't anything too serious. Take Care, Meg
  4. prendrelemick's Avatar
    I had an episode of vertigo about 2 years ago. For a month I was getting dizzy spells, then they just stopped. Have you noticed anything that brings it on?