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Lilly- a woman scorned

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Life was rough for Lilly as a young bride, but it was the social norm. She was subject to her husband who drank and womanized. In many cases this is still a social norm. The wife is not to worry with what the husband is doing. He takes care of his business and she needs to worry more with keeping the house and children. Head of the family... A woman's place... Get them young and train them up right... Yada yada yada

Henry was still handsome in his mid 30s, fair hair, bright blue eyes, and strong from farm work. He took up with another woman on a more than part time basis. Rena Joe's husband had run off two years earlier and she had been looking hard for a replacement. Divorce was unheard of in this area, but who could blame a man for taking what was offered? And didn't the story of King David justify getting a little on the side? As far as he was concerned if children had food and his farm was kept his responsibilities were satisfied. The whole town knew about the debauchery. The women privately sympathized with Lilly, but no one spoke to her about it. However, the situation did merit its fair share of gossip.

Lilly was a shapely blond of 19 when she had had her fill of knowing her place. She had three children, no money, and no resources. She did not even own pair of shoes. There was no way she could question, protest, demand, or beg. She had to be clever.

A young Native American man was in the area looking for work doing odd jobs. He would pass through about every three years, only staying long enough to earn the money to get him to his next stop. Lilly found his smooth dark skin, shiny black hair, and strong facial features attractive. She took him as a lover. By winter he was gone and Lilly was pregnant. Lilly couldn't be sure, but she felt certain who the father was. She did not share these thoughts with her husband.

The baby came in the spring. As is the custom, all the women, including Rena Joe, gathered to the house to help Lilly with the birth. She had a more difficult time with this child than she had had with her others, but at last a daughter was born. Unlike the three older towheads, this child had warm brown skin and thick black hair that stood up straight from her head. Lilly was very pleased with herself. The women stood silent looking from the dark colored baby to Lilly's smile. Finally someone asked her what they should tell Henry. Still smiling Lilly pointed her finger at Rena Joe and said, “You go out there and you tell him that her name is Rena Joe.”

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  1. qimissung's Avatar
    Fascinating. I'm looking forward to hearing how Lilly's story turns out.
  2. papayahed's Avatar
    hahahahaha, brilliant!
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Wow, this is beginning to sound like a William Faulkner novel. I'm glued to the story, waiting for more.
  4. applepie's Avatar
    :lol: She sounds like such an amazing woman! What better way to get back at her cheating husband than to have another's child and name her after his current lover. I hope that the child didn't suffer for it, but in the same position I would have likely done the same:) They always say 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' and there is nothing that compares to one who will get her paybacks.