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We've had a great summer.

I've mentioned before that we are accomplishing so much on the house. I'm hoping to paint and floor my office at the end of this week. I'm cleaning out and going through a four year accumulation of crap and it feels so good to be organized. It makes cleaning my house easy and fun. Getting rid of the things we don't need always makes me feel good. I'm a minimalist.

I guess it's a good thing to be. My husband accepted a new job last night that comes with a 20% cut in pay. He will continue to work at his current job for another year to make up the difference, so I'm not worried about the pay cut. He is returning to law enforcement after ten years of working a job he strongly disliked but that supported his family. I'm really happy for him. I'm also proud of him. I only know one other man who supports a family this size while his wife stays home with the children. Lord willing I'll go to work next fall and that will take the burden off of him a bit.

I've been thinking about writing down some area stories. Some are from my family, but many more are from neighbors and friends. I think they would be very entertaining. I know I enjoy them. Bailey has a work camp next week and both girls are going to Bible camp the following week. I'll type one up when I'm a little more prepared for that.


  1. sprinks's Avatar
    I love cleaning out old stuff! Amazingly no matter how much I seem to get rid of, I never have enough room for what is left! . That's good to hear that your husband won't have to stick with a job he dislikes . I hope the girls have a great time at their camps!
  2. andave_ya's Avatar
    I loved reading this . Congrats on the disappearance of old stuff , and I'm happy for your husband too . All the best on the stories - I'd love to read those too!!
  3. pussnboots's Avatar
    I wish my husband would go thru his stuff and get rid of his crap but that will never happen so I have all but given up on him.
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    Minimalists? The objective in life is to attach memories to every little article that one comes across, store it in the basement or some room, and then one day relive all the memories that are attached to things.

    Good luck to your husband on his job. It's courageous to take a pay cut, but if one is unhappy at a job I can definitely understand.