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Exiled in a kilt

Trip to Ireland

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Day 1: Due to excitement get to airport super early ( had to wait an hour before the check in desk even opened). Change money to Euros and become upset that I didnt have as much as I wanted. Arrive in dublin and keep an eye out for a beautiful woman. Find my woman. Jump on bus to her home stopping in dublin centre for some groceries. Give her the gift I brought for her, and am seriously shocked by her gift to me - most thoughtful, laborious thing anyone has ever given me.Have some home-made potato and leek soup then head off to get ready for a night on the town. Start off with dinner in a great italian restaurant ( where I am almost constantly holding her hand across the table - didnt let it go much the entire trip) then off to the abbey theatre to see the premiere of a play, where I injured my shoulder but didnt let on. Then a quiet drink and back home.

Day 2: Up and off out to Glendalough and Powerscourt gardens on the tour bus. Will post pics at later date of this cos my descriptions dont do it justice. Ate our junk food picnic, read niamh her poem and some burns (apparently I am good at that). Came back to dublin and went to meet her parents - was meant to be a small snack before heading home where niamh was gonna cook dinner. But her mother had a huge spread laid out. Drank more tea this day than in the last 5years combined. Went to her old room to grab some books to give away (stole a kiss while her folks werent about). Went home where niamh cooked a wonderful shrimp and vegetable risotto then we watched A streetcar named desire and toddled off to bed

Day 3: headed into dublin in the morning. Went to the jameson whiskey distillery then on a walk around. Almost got trapped in a mass when we went to try and see St Valentine's shrine. Went to see the mummified corpses in St Michan's vaults. Headed to Jimmy Chung's chinese buffet for lunch, then back home and changed for heading off to Howth to see the sunset and get some chips (fries to you north americans). Shoulder finally gave in. Came home and went to sleep.

Day 4: A horrible day. Came back to glasgow
niamh was able to stay with me till I boarded the plane because of her security clearance for the airport. Didnt want to leave. Cried on the plane coming back.


  1. prendrelemick's Avatar
    A hook, line and sinker job, if I ever saw one!
  2. Niamh's Avatar
    The almost getting stuck in a carmelite mass was kinda funny. good thing there was the side exit!
    You forgot to mention the funny tour guides, librarians and general irish madness you discovered. hehehe
  3. andave_ya's Avatar
    awww . sounds like you both ahd a splendid time .
  4. papayahed's Avatar
    alllllll riiiiggghhhtt, I can finally put the name in:

    Kilted and Niamh sitting in a treee..
    Updated 07-08-2009 at 09:13 PM by papayahed
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    I didn't realize Kilt and Naimh were an item. Everything just goes right over my head. Best of luck to you two.

    Actually the mass at the shrines sounds quite charming. Not exactly something that happens every day. My ears did perk up on that whiskey distillery.
  6. motherhubbard's Avatar
    Such a nice blog
  7. kilted exile's Avatar
    ah yes, the friendly librarians all going on about jabberwockys and wishing they could be 30 years younger.
    the crazy dublin drunk guy was certainly different. And the tour guides - well funniness alround.

    Virg - thought you'd have figured it from the previous entry,
  8. Niamh's Avatar
    Hehehe! Yes the old librarian that kept turning up going
    " Beware of the Jabberwocky!"
    You on about the old man on the side of the street?
  9. kilted exile's Avatar
    yep that old man
  10. Niamh's Avatar
    Yeah i'd stick that under hte heading of mortifying more than funny.
  11. applepie's Avatar
    It sounds like a great trip! Congratulations and hopefully you can visit again soon:)
  12. Virgil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kilted exile
    Virg - thought you'd have figured it from the previous entry,
    Just went backed and checked. Yes it was there. Either it didn't really sink in or I forgot. I am becoming a babbling old man.
  13. qimissung's Avatar
    Ain't love grand! I give this entry 5 smilies!
  14. a_little_wisp's Avatar
    Add five more for me, Qimi! I was grinning the whole way through!
  15. Nightshade's Avatar
    Librarians? Niamh I didnt see and crazy librarians, all I saw were crazy people who toss snooker balls at yo. .. now I have to visit again
    ... As to teh excitement only one hour? I sat in the airport for 3 and a half hours when I went to dublin .... but that was mostly paranoia about the plane leaving without me.

    Anyway brilliant that you had such a good time!
  16. Niamh's Avatar
    I'll just have to take you to marshes library do next time! Now that i know where it is.
  17. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Adorable. This also gets a five smiley rating from me.
  18. sprinks's Avatar
    Niamh just told me you blogged about this AWWW! I'm so happy for you guys! so cute
  19. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Just read this, what a great twist at the end. You two are cute.
  20. MlitY's Avatar
    Kilted should present a ring soon or is that already dong in another post? Or is that implied and I missed the reference somewhere in meeting her parents (where her mom puts out a celebration caliber spread for the eloped couple) and going off to niamh's place for dinner and a movie - without any mention of disapproval by her mother. Or, in a later entry, does the story of fairy tale traditional offer of a ring and a glorious wedding ensue? Else-wise, it might be good timing to present a ring and not risk the danger of another (local) admirer - enter stage left - and advice to niamh by her trusted circle of friends turn Kilted's fate? A familiar theme.