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Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog. I've never actually done a blog before so, we'll just see how I go. Doubt I'll update it much; my diary's two months out of date, so we'll just have to see.

I thought today would be rather boring. All of the interesting stuff seemed to happen last month.

The day was quite boring to start with.
I had toast with cherry jam and one of those chewy, nutty breakfast bar things for breakfast. I don't normally have toast, but I had no option this morning.
Late to school, that's normal for me.
Lessons were dull.
Felt tired because I was up until 12ish doing my business studies homework.
The other 6th formers decorated the common room.
Apparently there's a mouse in the English store room.
Finished reading the Changeling in English lit.
The bus journey home was when things got more interesting.

About half way through the journey I became aware that the boys at the back were fighting. I think they were just play fighting to start with, and then it got more violet. They stopped and started continually. Children stood on the seats so as not to get dragged into it. All of the time I kept thinking that the driver would stop the bus. Surely he would. But he didn't. I planned in my head various things that I could do. I could tell them to stop. I could go and get the driver to stop the bus. Eventually, the fighting worked down to my area, right down. Every one stood up and pressed against the windows so as not to be squashed. I had to stand too. There were children climbing over the seats for goodness sake. Now I had to do something. I yelled at them to sit down. My voice was practically drowned out by everything. And exactly what I said is hazy to me now. But at least I said something. They got off at the next stop. I could flatter myself by saying is was me that made them go, but I doubt it. Most likely they only worked their way down to the front because they were going to get off any way. I felt the uncontrollable urge to laugh. I think it was shock. Probably shock. And my skin felt like it was on fire.

So, that made an interesting first blog entry. Certainly not what I was expecting to have to put.

Also, I've just opened my advent calendar and received a chocolate sleigh today. I always think the little chocolates are cute
Well. For now at least, Bluebiird out .