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Virgil and Mrs. Virgil :)

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It’s easier to meet someone when you’re going to them, not they coming to you. I think I understand now why Rich called me more than once before we got to his place. I was as excited as a kid in a candy shop since the moment I woke up in New Jersey. I really wanted to see Virgil!

Well, we decided to drive in to NY, wanting to see Ground Zero, Ellis Island, and Lady Liberty. We originally had a lot more sites we wanted to see, but the traffic driving through NY the day before had scared us off!!

Well, as I said in my face book, one does not simply foray in New York without planning a method of attack. I got the impression of a tangled ball of string, and every time we think we’ve managed to begin untangling it we meet a dead end and are spit out like a wad of chewing gum. We did manage to get to Ground Zero, although there was only construction visible. Virg called us about that time, and we decided to meet at Hard Rock Café.

Being fed up with driving in New York we decided to go back to the hotel, quite coincidentally driving through Wall Street along the way. We saw the famous bull of Wall Street. It’s a very life-like structure; seriously it looks like it’s about to charge! I could practically see the steam coming out of its nostrils!

Then Virgil called again with a very gracious offer that we were so thankful to accept. “You just sounded so frustrated on the phone! Would it be easier for you if we met at your hotel? Where did you say you’re staying?”

We accepted with haste, all heaving a sigh of relief. We’re a stubborn family, but New York just wasn’t allowing us entry! After solemnly vowing I’d come back someday, we beetled back to our hotel.

When we returned, my mom was shocked and horrified to find that housekeeping had not yet seen to our room. She went to the desk to raise a fuss, but the manager wasn’t there yet. So after switching rooms and freshening up, Mom and I went down to talk to the manager and wait for Virgil and his wife (she’s amazing!!!) to come. We settled everything with the manager (whose name was Shakespear. We are not amused.)

A few minutes later I saw Virgil and his wife (henceforth referred to as “Mrs.Virgil.”) get out of a car and walk up. I met them outside and had to give them a hug, relative strangers notwithstanding . He handed me a gift of college level lectures on writing that I’m waiting to get home to listen to.

We went to the hotel restaurant and chatted for a while before remembering that we were hungry, and chatted even longer before we actually ordered. My parents hit it off fabulously with them, and as I’m rather quiet in person I was content to mostly watch and listen. And interject, when I thought I had something to add to the conversation .
Virgil and Mrs. Virgil are some special people, everyone, but you know that already . We talked of “cabbages and kings” and it was so satisfying to see my parents get more and more engrossed in conversation with them. Hours passed by like a flash as we shared jokes and stories and anecdotes (Virgil re-told the story of the 911 Cluck-You Chicken, in his inimitable way. By the way, his NY accent isn’t very strong - but it got stronger here . Mrs. Virgil’s is more audible.) Our food came, but I barely even remember how it tasted because I was having so much fun.

And then, suddenly, the waiter came up…and told us that they would need the tables we were sitting at. Our time was over - but my goodness, how much fun we had! We Litnetters are a special lot! And I’m very glad I got to show that to my parents on this trip. They’ve always poked fun at how often I’m on LitNet, but after they met the mtpspurs and the Virgils () my parents stopped and instead ask me how everyone’s doing when they see me on LitNet. Even my dad, who’s decidedly NOT a literary type, told me he thought it was so cool to now personally know people like that all over the world. I agree!
I really enjoy talking with and building up friendships with people from different places. Rich, Virgil, mother Hubbard, Janine, and others in the States, lib in Brazil, Niamh in Ireland, Brian Bean and others in England, kiz in Canada…


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  1. andave_ya's Avatar
    By the way, I had intended to write up all about our trip to NY in this entry, but so far I just haven't been able to...
  2. Niamh's Avatar
    They dont know it yet (or did i mention it in that blog entry months ago?) but i'm thinking of popping to NY next year when i pack up the old kit bag and travel for a bit. And i'd really like to meet them, even for ten minutes.
    Andave Ya. You are always welcome to Ireland. Maybe i'll come visit and say hello to you next summer too!!!
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh my. Well that was a great write up Andy. Thank you for all you kind thoughts. I really enjoyed that afternoon. It's a shame it was raining so hard that day. Was the manager's name really Shakespeare? How cool. I really wanted to try to show you guys a little of NYC but when I thought about it I figured that was a lost cause. And then i realized your hotel was only twenty minutes away and I thought of just zipping over. I'm glad you got to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island the next day. The picture on your camera is about the same as on mine. I will have to download mine and post it. God, my hair has turned grey. Yikes!! So my New York accent was noticable. Hmm. Well, it was a great afternoon and hopefully next time we can luck out with the weather.

    Niamh, I've already gotten it into my head that you'll be here next year. I can't wait and for sure it will be for more than ten minutes. If you give me a heads up I can take some time off work and combine it with a weekend and we'll really see it all.
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  4. Niamh's Avatar
  5. Stargazer86's Avatar
    Very cool! Virgil is an awesome person

    Sounds like you guys had a great time!

    Great pic by the way
  6. mtpspur's Avatar
    Oh noo--a great write-up but with my luck Logos will visit Virgil instead--sigh.
  7. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I have to say that I almost got all teary reading about how great the Virgils are. It really does show. I'm glad that we all kind of know each other. I feel like my life had been enriched by the things I've learned from lit net friends. I'm so very concerned about Internet friendships and romances and it's so dangerous to meet people from chat rooms. We're just a different kind of people and I love to hear about how members meet up with each other (there have been a few I wouldn't want to come across.) I'm so glad that you had a great time. I'm a little jealous. Also, I'm so very proud to be mentioned in here. Thank you.
  8. andave_ya's Avatar
    Niamhie I would LOVE it if you came and visited in the summer!!! That would be so much fun! We could take Bart up to San Francisco!

    Virg - well I can't say much more to show how happy I was to have met you and your wife!

    Stargazer, thankee! When are you going to roll into town ?

    Rich - Well, it's your turn now. Come visit me and then I'll write up something that will turn away all other supplicators to Logos' altar!

    motherhubbard - When I began telling people about the LitNet they were ALL cautioning me about internet friendships and, well, I was duly alarmed! But then I started realizing that on the other side of the conversation was a person, and if a Litnetter a very friendly, intelligent person! Like you! I am truly glad to know the people here, even if there are, as you say, some I wouldn't want to come across . Thanks mh.
  9. qimissung's Avatar
    What a lovely time you all had! I am so glad for you. I adore conversations like that that just go on until you lose all track of time.

    Virgil is quite handsome, and andave_ya, you are quite a pretty girl.
  10. Zee.'s Avatar
    That was a cool blog
  11. jinjang's Avatar
    I knew he was the nicest person in the forum and way too popular for him to notice me at all. But, he kindly does and I am gratified most gladly, which is shared by many others. How do you all know each other so well? Is it because I am practically new? I thought I was here forever.

    If Virgil's kindness and graciousness extend so far as to host everyone in the forum, I would definitely visit New York just to meet him and his wonderful wife. We planned to go to New York this summer, instead we are going to England. I will reserve New York for the winter.

    I learned one thing: we will not have a car in New York. We will either walk or take the subway around the city. Thank you, Andave, for the blog!
  12. kiz_paws's Avatar
    It sounds like you had an awesome time; Virgil and his wife probably had just as awesome a time as you and your family!

    Thanks for posting the pic, too. I really enjoyed reading about your meeting Mr. & Mrs. Virgil, thanks again, Andya!
  13. downing's Avatar
    WOW! Marvellous!!!!! Uncle Virg is the gate to America haha! Great entry, I loved it!
  14. Joreads's Avatar
    Wow sounds great. Virgil my sister and I are planning on a trip to NY next year as well. You are becoming an offical NY tour guide to Lit Nitters.
  15. Virgil's Avatar
    Well, I'll do what I can. Thank you so much to all for all the kind words. I do worry about some of the young people meeting up with strangers. But I am honored you trust me. For the most part what you see of me on lit net is who I am. Honor is extremely important to me as you can see for what I fight for in some of those so called "serious discussions." They seem like adulescent discussions if you ask me, but that's another story. I would love to meet all you good people.

    Qimi, thank you, though I don't see it.

    Jin, "kindness and graciousness," those are two words that touch my heart. Being known for those two things is as high an honor as anyone can have. Love to meet you and your husband.

    Jo, let me know when. We'll do it. Actually I just got back from a family get together where some of my Australian family were over. They've been visiting family here for a couple of weeks. Love that Aussie accent.
  16. applepie's Avatar
    I'm so happy that you have had such a great trip! It is really great to make it around to actually visit some of the friends made here. There are a number of people here who I would love to meet, time permitting of course, and I think it amazing that you've had that experience. Thank you for sharing the photos, I do love a good picture:D
  17. maraki16's Avatar
    oh my god! you seem to have had so much fun! i envy you andave for having met virgil or any other member of litnet in person! it must be a thrill! irgil, you must be really proud since her parents approve of her friendship with you, ha? parents are always strict and like to criticize teenagers' friendships.
    i like your photo guys sooooo much!!!!!!!!
  18. grace86's Avatar
    That's really cool Andave! Glad you're getting to meet LitNetters....Virg and Mtpspur are among the top in the list I'd like to meet (don't worry...I have a long list guys!)
  19. miss tenderness's Avatar
    No invitaions for us to share the grand meeting ?
    some friends who you meet on line are really different in reality . Virgil seems great in real life as he on line. Nice picture andave
  20. Virgil's Avatar
    I didn't realize so many of you replied. Meg, Mara, Grace, Taleen, thank you for your comments. I would love to meet you all.
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