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As usual I can't keep up a level of consistent activity. I feel funny when I see post counts numbering over a 1000 and the member's been here a year perhaps, and then my own piddly 470 after more than three years. I just never know what to say I guess. But I am happy the forum is so active, and you're all the same great kooks.

Exciting stuff--on the 18th I set off for Kenya, though it will take a few days getting there. I'll be there for three weeks give or take a day. This trip is a graduation present from my aunt and uncle, because I'd expressed interest in joining my uncle in traveling to Africa. This year he couldn't make it there but unbelievably, they kept this little dream of mine in their minds and sponsored me to go! It is a missions trip of thirteen people, a good little group. Two of them, a married couple, go to Kenya often and are familiar with the country. Mainly we are going to orphanages and hospitals housing/treating children who are HIV+, and giving away goodies to the kids and the people who devote their lives to helping them. One of the young girls, Mercy, recently passed away and it's gotten a lot of the kids really upset and worried, because she was one of the healthier children and her death has frightened them badly. Hopefully we can help. We are also visiting slum schools and bringing them supplies they have difficulty getting normally. After their schooling ends many of these kids have no place to go, the jobs are so scarce, and so it's important to do whatever possible to encourage them to continue learning.

On the way there and back we'll be stopping in London. It will be my first time in Europe. We'll take a lightning walking tour of the city before going to our hotel, seeing the big sights.

But there is SO much to do before I leave. I have a lot of work to get done. I thought that after graduation I'd have at least a little bit of a breather!

I should get some sleep, I have an early morning bike ride and a thousand errands to do, but this forum is very distracting. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

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  1. Niamh's Avatar
    wow! I hope you have a great time in Kenya! that so cool! As a litnetter makesure you go visit shakespeares globe when you are in london.
  2. motherhubbard's Avatar
    My goodness! What exciting news. Mission work is a life changing experience. I wish everyone could have the opportunity. Your aunt and uncle are giving you so much more than a trip. I'm very happy for you. I was telling a young girl about you and your on line portfolio just two weeks ago.
  3. qimissung's Avatar
    Oh, I hope you have a wonderful time! How lovely to be able to go and do something to help all these people feel connected and cared for. I hope it is a joyous, life-altering experience.

    What/where is your online portfolio, if I may ask?
  4. higley's Avatar
    Thanks guys! Gimissung I'll send it to you.
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    Ah Higley you will be dong God's work. Bless you and keep safe.
  6. qimissung's Avatar
    Thank you, Higley. I checked it out!
  7. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    That is going to be the trip of a lifetime. I admire you for not only traveling but also helping and assisting those in need while there. So many people travel across the world to stay in a five star resort and watch the same t.v. channels they do back home. Have fun!