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The Cold Waiting Season

Not completely clear

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Everything was payed back to him this time. The fears I had last time had a name and I had given them a place; so I could enjoy his company as a friend.

You know? people surprise you. The creativeness of the human mind has no boundaries, but I love it when it comes inspired by love. Whe it comes with no reason and waits nothing in return.

Now I sit in here wondering what does it mean. Yes, he knows my name and the expressions of my face.
My paths were narrow but he broke the boundaries leading me to a bigger world where the wind blew me off.
He took me where I couldnt stop smiling.
He splashed so many memories all around the city, that there's no place where I cannot remember his name.

I've done nothing extraordinary. I'm me. What does it mean?

Updated 06-15-2009 at 11:59 PM by The Walker

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