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after the summer break

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ah yes, while in other parts of the world the summer has just begun, here it's already over. public schools had their first day back today, and for universities this week is enrollment week... classes begin next week.

i've been incommunicado the whole summer (so sorry, i know i missed out on a lot... all my online acounts say so) because i went to the province and spent the summer with my grandmother. she turned 83 while i was there, still strong, but she's slowed down a lot already... she was much stronger during our visit a few months back.

the summer wasn't spectacular or even out of the ordinary in the slightest. but it did give me a chance to go back to my writing, something i haven't done in awhile.

i'm going to miss the huge tropical house, the summer itself... so far the only summer i regret seeing come to an end.

of course i'm going to miss my grandmother and her ice cream fetish, her feistiness in berating the nonsense there is so much of on tv right now (latest and most irritating is the already epically blown out of proportion hayden kho-katrina halili sex scandal), and how she finds electric fans too cold (even when i am soaking my shirt through with sweat) and terribly hard to control.

my dad dropped me off here yesterday and my mom said i looked like i lost weight and that my hair looks healthier now. goodness she must have missed me that much!


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Goodness gracious, where have you been? Thanks for letting us catch up with you.
  2. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    You sound like you had a wonderful summer, in my opinion. .
  3. amanda_isabel's Avatar
    thank you Becca, I think I had a wonderful summer too.

    hi Virgil, nice to see you again
  4. crystalmoonshin's Avatar
    May I ask where your province is?

    I wish we had a province, too. All of my classmates have some cool place to go to during summer...