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Across the Sky

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It happens every morning,
Across the noon day fair.
He takes another journey
From his lofty lair.

He bestows a friendly visit
To you each pleasant day,
Before he comes to me
To bless me with a ray.

The gift that is for us,
A kiss upon our skin
To bring us extra health
A blessing it is giv'n.

We look up to see the sun
Even though we live so far,
It brings us close together
Even though we're across the mar.

As you enjoy the warmth of him
And when you think you're done,
Please send him quickly on to me
With the blessings of the sun.


  1. NikolaiI's Avatar
    "I want to live where soul meets body
    and let the sun wrap its arms around me
    and bathe my skin in waters cool and cleansing
    and feel what it's like to be new."

  2. Janine's Avatar
    Very nice, Bienvenu, I didn't know you had a blog or wrote poetry; although I always like your Haiku lines. I like this one very much. Lawrence would like this, since he loved the sun and saw it as a great of source of healing, renewal and life. I like Nikolai's poem, too....similar in concept.
  3. PoeticPassions's Avatar
    We are all connected under the sun
  4. kiz_paws's Avatar
    I enjoyed your poem, BienvenuJDC, and I think that PoeticPassions sums up the feeling that I also had.
  5. The Walker's Avatar
    I never told you but I liked this very much