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The First Year of Life

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This is dedicated to my darling grand-daughter, Brooke, in honor of her first birthday; which took place last Thurs. My son and his wife had a big party on Saturday. It was a wonderful day for all, especially Brooke!

I wish to follow up this post with another, in which, I will post a selection of photos of the first year of Brooke's life, starting with some hospital shots, through to her first birthday.

Prior to the party, shopping sure is fun!
Baby/toddler girl's summer clothes are so darn cute, I can't restrain myself, when I go to the baby department. Here's some I bought her for her special day. You should see the bathing suits, adorable!

Brooke liked the melons best! Grandma Myra and Brooke.

The backyard with tents and guests; thankfully, the clouds held off and it turned out to be a beautiful warm sunny day. I should have taken a photo; to the left, just outside the fence, was a giant inflatable castle, bouncy chamber; the kids sure enjoyed that! so did some of the adults, including my son; he had his friend over on Sunday with his two kids to bouce around in it with his wife, even Brooke.

Brooke's parents made up these sandbucket party favors for all the kids; they had stick-on letters for the names and were very colorful!

A friend of my daughter-in-law's mom holding Brooke.

Milk is still the best comfort food!

Time for the lighting of the one candle, my birthday song and the first taste of my cake - guess what? Brooke didn't care to have any parts of that cake. "Give me melons anyday!" She also preferred chewing on the pink spoon...much more entertaining.

Well, the other kids were not of the same mindset. Dillon, on the left was diving into his cake enthusiastically.

The party broke up and we stayed on...the two grannies, pop-pop, the greatgrannie and Brooke's great aunt, and her great-great aunt...
So time for Brooke's big gift - her new rocking horse. Her daddy took her out on
Wednesday to pick it out; she even tried it out in the store. She just loves it. It's so cute; the head has batteries and when you squeeze the ears it neighs and makes a 'clippity clop' sound. It even has a saddle. Just the thing for a 'little miss cowgirl'. I must find her a nice cowgirl hat or outfit, so she can ride in style.

"Mom, I love my new pony!"

I wasn't fast enough, but she kisses the pony's nose; that made my heart melt.

Her other grannie and pop-pop bought her this adorable monogramed arm-chair....
"this one's just right" said Goldielocks!

Grandmom Myra made me a crocheted comforter; Grandma Janine gave me my first baby doll. Wow, not much room left for me!

Oops...I lost my blue's here somewhere...

Birthday tu tu's are wonderful for playing 'peek a boo'....always resoureful...
(she gets that from me! haha)

"The Thinker"'s been a long day....and I just want to mull things over and relax...

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  1. Scheherazade's Avatar
    Lovely party, lovely photos!

    Many happy returns!
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